Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "On My Own"

Patti Labelle at
This wasn't how it was supposed to beeeee!

Don't ask me how this song go into my head this week, but it did.  Then, thankfully, it ebbed away.  Flash forward to today.  Somebody says the words "on my own" somewhere in a sentence and the song steamrolls back into my brain, destroying all thoughts and subconscious desires in its path, wrecking hearts and taking no heed for others.  It was a pure possession, and the only way to exorcise this was to share it with you.  So here 'tis.

Will your YouChoose Band perform Patti Labelle & Michael McDonald's "On My Own" at Push to Walk Jingle Rock '80s Night?  God help us all if we do.  However, should someone like you REQUEST this song, then we shall abide by your wishes.  It's your money.  It's your choice.  We are merely slaves to your whims.  Want to have fun with us?  Want to force us to perform a 1986 tune against our will and pretend we're enjoying it?  Then get your rocks off and REQUEST it.  We're almost daring you to.

In the meantime, please recommend Ms. Labelle to Public Image Ltd. The Salon.  They can do a much better job on her hair than the stylist she had for this lovely video.

Good day to you.