Trapped II: 77 Songs About Being Stuck And No Way Out

We wrote HERE about the top 10 songs dealing with being trapped and stuck with no way out.  The 77 songs below expand greatly on that list.  The diversity of artists is, well, diverse.  From Elvis to Pearl Jam, from Anita Baker to Anthrax.  You'll hate some songs.  You'll love others.  Give it a shot, huh? 

List Uses:

You too can use this list.  Here's the how, who, and when:

  • You feel alone and like nobody understands your plight.  Use these songs to help you let off some steam.
  • You're a political figure and hate that you've sold every last ounce of your dignity in order to get campaign funding from that group you swore when you entered politics you'd never speak to.
  • You've been commissioned by Lifetime: Television For Women to write an 8-hour miniseries about sisters who take each other hostage (but not at the same time, duh!) in order to set the other one up and gain the love (and $5 million life insurance policy) of the town's wealthy politician (who, coincidentally, is suffering from the bullet point above), and you need musical inspiration.
  • You're happy and like anything by Huey Lewis & The News.

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