Hanging Out With David + Dave - Live With Paul Gourhan, Branding & Marketing Guy

Were you here on August, 12, 2013 at 9pm EST for another fan-tabulous episode of Hanging Out With David + Dave?  In case you missed it, we interviewed Paul Gourhan, creative director at PMW, a New Jersey-based graphic design and communications firm.  We'll talk about branding, design, the importance of a logo, and everything else you'll want to know when starting, or re-branding, your company or band or career.

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Hanging Out With David + Dave is produced ('wow, that sounds cool,' you're thinking) and hosted ('not as cool,' you're thinking) by David Deutsch of SynergiSocial and Dave Philp of YouChoose.

David knows the social media sphere and, in this interview, proves it with words.  You can see David's website here: http://synergisocial.com/

Dave Philp, Chief Organizer Guy of YouChoose, LLC, a swell company that produces live benefit concerts for worthy non-profit causes, is your co-host with the mo-host (nobody knows what that means). With all of your power and might, visit his website here: http://myyouchoose.com/

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