Introducing YouChoose Music - Our New Official Name

We have some semi-big changes afoot here at YouChoose.  We're officially changing the name of our organization from YouChoose to YouChoose Music.  As part of that, we're going to change our web address from to YouChooseMusic.FM.  Why the FM?  When you hear or see the acronym "FM," our focus group showed that 98% have a music-related thought.  We're already all about music, so why not push that a little bit further?

Introducing YouChoose Music - Our New Official Name

Our "rebranding" may seem pretty small to you, but it's something we've been working on months.  While our final decision took us right back to words surrounding the "YouChoose" concept, we were all over the place with other potential newer names.

Why the change in the first place?

When we came up with YouChoose initially, we couldn't get the .com suffix.  Someone else owns it.  While it isn't active, it wasn't available to us. was available, so we took that (here's a case of falling in love too hard and too fast with an initial idea).  The problem?  Our name, YouChoose, was not clear to audiences - and even people within the organization.  When we were referred to as "MyYouChoose," there was some cringing going on with your Chief Organizer Guy, Dave Philp (that's me, the boy writing this).  The more that phrase was uttered, even accidentally, the more it became clear that we couldn't keep MyYouChoose.

A year ago, a class from William Paterson University studied YouChoose for a semester.  One of the chief criticisms was, "I don't know what 'YouChoose' is or does."  Ouch.  By then, we'd dedicated lots of time and money and energy toward what was, in effect, a square peg going into a round hole.  Unfortunately, it took another year for us to do something about it.

Fortunately, we did something about it.

We only work with causes and non-profits, so we were all over the map trying to come up with a new name that included "Cause" in the title.  Yet, we also wanted to make it clear that we are a music-based organization.  The tagline all along was going to be (and is) "YouChoose the songs...Together we change the world."  But people don't speak taglines.  They speak organization names, i.e. Coke or Coca-Cola.  Nobody says, "Coca-Cola, it's the real thing."  

We're also a cover band.  If you ever hear us perform an original track, run.  That's not what we're about, nor will we be about that.  So we thought of names like "Covers For The Cause."  But some people didn't realize immediately that "cover" in this context meant that we'd play other people's songs.  We couldn't go with that just because we, people in music, knew what it was.  To some, "covers" belong on a bed.

Lots of other ideas fell flat or just couldn't get a consensus, like "CharityBand" and "CharityPunks."  And since most of our brainstorms already had a dot com, we were going to end up right back where we started.

Until we thought hard about .FM.  It's perfect for us.  

Our goal as an organization is to raise lots of money for great causes, put on great shows, be a great band, and provide a great experience for our sponsors.  Plus, the website's purpose is to not only let you know where we're playing next and for whom, but to also provide some great, daily music content, be it a list of Songs About Leaving Loss & Goodbyes, an article about how Underrated Paul Carrack is, or a comparison of Elton John original songs to the Two Rooms compilation album.  The words "music" and "FM" tie it all together.

We think YouChoose Music.FM is going to be big for us.  Consider it a reboot, a rebirth.  We're psyched and ready for the next step in our life.

Wanna climb aboard?  Just CONTACT US now and we'll talk about how you too can help!

New logo and Facebook page to come very soon.  Plus, a whole host of shows are in the works.  Help us to keep spreading the word and raising money for great causes.  Sound okay to you?

Thank you!

Dave Philp is Assistant Professor of Music Management at William Paterson University and Chief Organizer Guy of YouChoose, a live events music fundraising and social media company that has raised many, many thousands of dollars for non-profit causes. Join the good fight and help change your corner of the world by visiting YouChoose now: To sign up for our email newsletter, click HERE. Mmkay?


Congrats. You guys are moving forward. AWESOME. This is right up there with when The Silver Beatles dropped the Silver or when The Christy Minstrels became the New Christy Minstrels or when Jefferson Airplane became Jefferson Starship or when Jefferson Starship became Starship You know I am just joshing with you. I think you guys are great and applaud the work you do and the music you make. Because we all know....The love you take is equal to the make!