Hanging Out With David + Dave - Live With A Future With Hope.Org

Hanging Out With David + Dave - Live With A Future With Hope.Org

Whether you call is Hurricane Sandy or Superstorm Sandy, that tragic event from 2012 has affected lives for many years to come.  That's where A Future With Hope comes in.  This organization, formed after the storm, has set its sights on four areas: Relief, Repair, Rebuild, and Renew.  How are they doing this?  On this great episode of Hanging Out With David + Dave, watch members of the organization describe in detail how to keep the faith alive even in the worst of times, and how the victims of the storm need us now more than ever.

Hanging Out With David + Dave - Live With A Future With Hope.Org

A picture tells a thousand stories.  How many stories can you read in the pictures below?

These next two are before and after photos.  See the brick house in the first photo?  It's not there in the second.  

The great people of A Future With Hope whom we interviewed for this very awesome edition of Hanging Out With David + Dave were Carolyn Conover, Direcotr of Communication and Development, and Bobbie Ridgely, Director of the Sandy Recovery Program at A Future With Hope.

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