The Short List: Songs About Elvis

The Short List: Songs About Elvis

We've written up lots of lists.  They're usually pretty long.  For example, our list about September, Teachers, and Back-To-School was 100 songs long.  Our list about Friends & Friendship was 123 songs long.  While we usually accompany the long lists with our Top 9 favorites, even those lists, with bonuses, can get long.  So today, we present The Short List.  No more than 6 songs about one topic.  Today's theme: Songs About Elvis.

The Short List: Songs About Elvis

Before checking out the list, see what we've done before with our Short List: Songs About Pretenders & Pretending.  We like that one, just because.  Now, on to our list that pays tribute to songs that pay tribute to Elvis.  Elvis Presley, by the way.  Not Elvis Costello.  Are there any of those?

Here's your short list:

1.  "'Round Here" by Counting Crows

2.  "Walking In Memphis" by Mark Cohn

3.  "Calling Elvis" by Dire Straits

4.  "Graceland" by Paul Simon

Yeah, it's short.  What's missing?  C'mon, we know you know something we don't know.

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