Awesomely Cool Volunteers - What You Would Do?

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Anyone? Anyone? Hello? Bueller?

I threw up on Craig's List last weekend (not via vomit, but street-slang for "wrote and posted") a sort of Help Wanted ad.  The idea was, and is, to recruit a few volunteers (they legally can't be called Interns if they're helping a company achieve its objectives, which is stupid but the Wall Street Protestors won't take up that cause just yet) to help take YouChoose to the next, here's a cliche, the next level.  One question is, what would a volunteer do?  We have that for ya,

What Would Volunteers Do?

This list is completely flexible.  What do you do best?  We can let you focus there.  What do you hate?  We'll steer you clear of that.  What do you want to learn?  We'll see how we can use your time with YouChoose to give you the experience you're looking for.

Volunteers would be a vital component to YouChoose.  Below is a listing and brief description of what volunteers would do on a weekly basis:

  • FOTS - Feet On The Street.  Volunteers would visit designated areas and deliver flyers to business managers and owners.  The flyers would describe upcoming YouChoose events and provide contact information for potential sponsors.
  • Simple B2B Telemarketing Calls - Like FOTS, volunteers would be given a designated list of business owners to contact.  The volunteers would be trained how to briefly describe YouChoose and then how to set up a meeting.
  • Graphic Design - Design of flyers and logos for certain events may be requested.  Photoshop experience is a plus.
  • Social Networking - Volunteers would be coached on how to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to develop more connections for YouChoose while simultaneously promoting upcoming events.
  • Marketing Brainstorms - Sessions would focus on certain local industries that could make sense for sponsorship, i.e. pet care for the February Noah’s Ark/Eleventh Hour Rescue ‘80s Night, and then use songs from the ‘70s or ‘80s to help create unique promotions for businesses in that category
  • Simple Video Production - Armed with a flip camera, volunteers will be given direction on what to film in support of agreements with sponsors.
  • Video Editing - Prepping the video and making a finished product for uploading to YouTube.
  • Concert Promotion - Like FOTS, volunteers will go to targeted businesses armed with flyers and/or postcards to be handed out to prospective concert-goers.
  • At The Show - Volunteers will sell & collect pre-paid tickets, keep track of YouChoose obligations toward sponsors so all promises are kept, help run on-stage contests, serve as band roadies.

 What's in it for you?  Here are some ideas:

  • Free Tickets - We'll offer you free entry into any YouChoose event for life.  Your life.  This is non-transferable unless you believe in reincarnation and can prove that, when you become a gnat, that gnat is you.  (Value anywhere from $10 to $100 per event.)
  • Free Song Requests - Each volunteer will be allotted a free song request for each event.  (Value anywhere from $25 to $125 per event.)
  • Website Branding - We'll do what we can to promote your personal brand on  Give us pictures, tell us what you want included.  We'll make you sound very important.
  • A Cool Title - Want to be called Chief Social Marketer or Director of Video or (fill in the blank here)?  Go ahead.  We won't stop you.  We'll even back you up with the write-up we do about you.  If you volunteer for two days and we never hear from you again, we'll strip you of your title and give it to the runner up (possible Miss New Jersey).
  • Free T-Shirts - When we sell t-shirts at an event, you'll get one for free!  Rock & roll, baby!
  • Free Meals - When we serve food at an event, you'll eat at no charge.  Ain't that great?  You'll get life-training nourishment, food nourishment, and soul nourishment.
  • You'll Feel Great - No mention has been made up tot his point of the social good YouChoose is trying to do.  There are small local/regional non-profits all over the country that are overlooked because of poor marketing, lack of resources for good marketing, or they're simply being overshadowed by giant charities or the latest international disaster.  That's where YouChoose comes in.  We're going to use the power of live music to reach people.  Through people's requests of their favorite songs from their favorite decade, to them getting to sing/play along with the band; from creative sponsor integration to an overall great, fun, economically possible night out for Mom & Dad and, usually, the whole family, YouChoose can expand donor bases, provide jobs for musicians, help raise the profile of the non-profit and create something new and different that energizes.  If chicken soup is good for the soul, we're hoping YouChoose is good for everything else.

We're going to change the world one song request at a time and welcome your efforts, your ideas, your friends, and your time.  Call/text Dave Philp, Chief Organizer Guy, at 917-204-1929.  You can also email the boy:

So, wanna come over and play?