YouChoose On YouTube: "Pink Houses" For College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving

It was October 19, 2013. The greatest music festival combating hunger in New Jersey took place in scenic Wayne, NJ. Dubbed The YouChoose Music Festival, 25 songs were performed by your YouChoose Band to raise awareness and funds for CUMAC (pronounced Koo-Mack), New Jersey's most pivotal food bank. 

But wait. There's more.

There were sponsors. Oh, yes. Wonderful, supportive, omni-present sponsors. One sponsor whom you should know? Well, why don't you just shout out loud, "College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving!"

Did you shout it? Out loud? Didn't think so. But we'll work with you anyway. We're nice like that.

College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving supported your YouChoose Music Festival for CUMAC, and in turn received this fantastic video, the amazingly creative and humorous "commercial story" at the front of the video, and then a performance of John Cougar Mellencamp's "Pink Houses."

"Hey," you say, suddenly shouting out loud, "his name is just John Mellencamp."

True. It is "just John Mellencamp" now. But, many days in our past, he had three names. Well, he had two names (Johnny Cougar) and then two names (John Cougar) and then three names (John Cougar Mellencamp) and then two names (John Mellencamp). That's where we are today. We hope you're all caught up.

Bottom line: This music festival needed you to know about CUMAC, which feeds people and changes lives. You can find them below at their web address. They'd love any help you can provide, from a food drive to a donation to volunteering of your time. It's up to you. We know your heart is in the right place (your chest).

Please give CUMAC some love. And while you're at it, give a College Hunk a call. Operators are sitting by.

Find your hunks now at:

Please help CUMAC feed New Jersey. Here's their website:

For information about the coolest music and bestest cover band ever, go to YouChoose Music. Their website? Why, it's right below: