The Top 6 Halloween Songs Ever - Ever! EVER!!

The Top 6 Halloween Songs Ever - Ever!  EVER!!

Halloween is but one day a year, but its songs last forever.  Or at least they last for a few weeks, say from the second week of October until All Hallows Eve itself.  Unlike Christmas, where holiday songs start getting regular airplay November 1st and can last through the first of the new year, Halloween is a quick burn.  So before the big day is through, listen to our list of The Very Best Halloween Songs Ever.  Then, scroll below for the Top 6.  What are your faves?

The Top 6 Halloween Songs Ever - Ever!  EVER!!

We've seen lots of these lists out there, and they don't straddle genres.  For example, our includes Classical, Soundtracks, R&B, Pop, Alternative, and Classic Rock.  Most are straight down the middle with one of those, but not all.  To pick the Top 6 has to be done with complete unprejudice, and we're not even sure if that's a word.  What we're trying to say is this: The Top 6 Halloween Songs Are The Top 6.  There's no dispute.  Take a look at what we consider the Top 6 Halloween Songs Ever - Ever!!!  EVER!!!!  Do you think we're crazy?

#6  "Frankenstein" by The Edgar Winter Group

#5  "Witch Hunt" by Rush

#4  "Bark At The Moon" by Ozzy Osbourne

#3  "Thriller" by Michael Jackson

#2  "Toccata & Fugue in D Minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach

#1  "Halloween Theme" by John Carpenter


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