Michael Sherman - The Five-Armed Keyboard Lord

Michael Sherman at MyYouChoose.com
Don't look him in the eye or you'll turn to stone

Michael Sherman is the kind of machine we humans worry about.  He plays keyboards with such precision, perfection and soul, you'd think it was all pre-recorded.  He sings as if auto-tune was an offshoot of his throat.  He looks the part of the perfect throwback to yesteryear.   Believe me, we've taken blood samples just to make sure he's one of us.  He's that super-human.

But do you want to know more about Michael Sherman?  Do you want to know the REAL Michael Sherman and not the cornbread rockstar we all sense him to be?  Do any of us know what a "cornbread rockstar" actually is and how can we trademark the phrase?  Look no further than below, where Michael answers the most important questions of the day.  Sorry, ladies.  He's engaged to be married.  What a lucky lassie his gal must be!

The Michael Sherman File

Main Instrument - Piano/Keyboards

Secondary Instruments - Vocals/Guitar

Current Hometown - Currently without one

Day Job - Practicing...Afternoon/Evening Job-Private Music Teacher as well as Music Director for Wayne UMC

How long been playing?  17 days (ed. note: He's one funny dude.)

Favorite Style(s) of Music -Rock (especially 80's) Classical and Jazz
Schooling -AA Music from CCM , BA Music from NJCU (Piano)
Bands/Groups of note -Always played solo gigs throughout school yrs. Never played formally with a band until Parish Drive and CUMAC
Desert Island Disc -Well that's a toughie. Hopefully I get stranded with my iPod and all my music with a magical unlimited supply of power.  Otherwise I'd be happy with any Billy Joel CD since he's the reason I started learning piano in the first place. And YES I love them all equally except for Greatest Hits. It has to be a real album.