Hanging Out With David + Dave: Live With Dr. Chris of Barefoot Rehab

On this special edition of Hanging Out With David + Dave, your boys spoke with Dr. Chris Stepien (or just Dr. Chris to you & me).  The discussion was going to focus on his business, but instead focused on his years of self-doubt, drinking, and hurting himself.  "My life is an open book," Dr. Chris said.  Watch as he discusses his family, who should take responsibility for his pain, and how he's been able to heal and successfully build a business healing others.  Want to see and hear something fascinating?  This is it.

Hanging Out With David + Dave: Live With Dr. Chris of Barefoot Rehab


Dr. Chris’s Story

Happiness in life goes hand in hand with health. Health is a necessary requirement for a fulfilling, purposeful life. Unfortunately for most, health is far from reach and seems unattainable with no direction on how to get there. The lack of knowledge behind natural principles of health is leaving many hopeless.

Acneeczemagastrointenstinal distressback pain, and depression are just some of the things Chris experienced before entering chiropractic school. While captain of his college football team and knowledgeable of what mainstream health advice consisted of, his body was in shambles.

The answer to his improper form in squatting from coaches was, “Don’t squat.”

The answer to his acne and eczema was creams, lotions, and chronic washing.

The answer to his depression was “get over it.” His happiness suffered because of his lack of health.

Something was not right. During his education, he began to question conventional wisdom and what the human body actually requires to express natural health.

Chris learned that the current health care system is good at certain things, mainly emergency situations. They are the fire department when your house is on fire. But they weren’t so good at reconstructing the house after the fire. So, he began reconstruction on himself. Through a holistic approach, addressing what every human body needs for optimal health, he began to move differently, eat differently, and think differently. This approach allowed the signs and symptoms of disease he previously experienced without a cause to disappear. Suddenly, there was hope of happiness, all based on having a balanced body, mind, and spirit.

This brought inspiration. Because of the gratitude he experienced in his new ways, he made it his mission to show people the natural way, bringing hope to people in need. With every person that gets “it”, understanding how true health is achieved, Chris has served his life purpose for another day.

We can help you.  Will you let us?


Christopher M. Stepien DC


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