Cover Me: "Wonderful Christmastime" (McCartney vs. Straight No Chaser)

Cover Me: "Wonderful Christmas Time" (McCartney vs. Straight No Chaser)

By now, we've all heard Paul McCartney's original song "Wonderful Christmastime" about 89 times since Thanksgiving.  With another 7 or 8 days before Christmas, we're in store for another 27 to 34 listenings (all involuntary, mind you).  What would happen if radio stations and music programmers slipped in this new, acapella version (which features Sir Paul) by Straight No Chaser?  What's wrong with a little variety?  Nothing.  So curators of sound, give us some variety.

Cover Me: "Wonderful Christmas Time" (McCartney vs. Straight No Chaser)

Listen to both songs below and then get back to us with your answer to this hugely important question: Did Paul McCartney re-record his vocal or did Straight No Chaser simply (not that it was that simple) drop his original vocal into their arrangement?  This isn't as potentially scandalous as lip synching, but it is a valid question according to... Well, not anybody.  But your writer wants to know the answer.  What do you think it is?

By the way, according to Forbes in 2010 (see the short article HERE), McCartney might earn up to $600,000 per year in royalties from this one song alone.  Get out your pens & synthesizers and get to work!

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