Push to Walk '80s Night Song Requests & Tickets - What You Get

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You'll have as much fun as these folks!

It needs to be stated again exactly what you'll be getting when you purchase a TICKET or SONG REQUEST for Push to Walk Jingle Rock '80s Night in Mountain Lakes.  Why?  Why is this so important?  Because while you're helping out an incredible organization, Push to Walk, there's also a whole bunch that's in it for you.  What?  We'll explain to you right...about...now.

A ticket for Jingle Rock '80s Night in Mountain Lakes, at The Mountain Lakes Club, is a $75 investment.  A SONG REQUEST is a $100 investment.  Why did we choose to use (ooh, we're rappers!) the word "investment"?  'Cause this isn't the PSE&G bill.  It's not your phone bill.  You are earmarking seventy-five to one hundred dollars (American) toward a very special non-profit organization, helping them survive through the worst recession since Donald Trump's hair began falling out.  Plus, you are getting an amazing return on your investment.  Here's what you get for a $75 (formerly $100!!!) ticket (go HERE to buy now):

  • Eating.  If you like to eat food, you get a meal prepared for you and laid out at stations by The Mountain Lakes Club.  We'll get you the menu shortly.  But yeah, you're getting fed as much as you can eat.  Consider this a way to stretch out your stomach in preparation for all of the holiday dinners you'll be chewing down upon over the weeks that follow Jingle Rock '80s Night.
  • Drinking.  Do you like to drink alcoholic beverages?  If you do, we're going to be your alcohol enablers for this one special evening.  We're going to have beer and wine and hard stuff too.  We're making the bar available to you and you lay out a few bucks for your drinks.  In other words, cash bar.  Hmmm.  You like a little more now?
  • Rocking.  Do you like to rock?  How about this: In the '80s, did you bash your head or dance around your room or mouth the words to "Don't Stop Believing" into your mirror while holding up your microphone disguised as a hairbrush?  Even if you didn't, you're going to get a full evening of '80s tunes, selected by you or your Mountain Lakes/Push to Walk/Morris County/Northern New Jersey brothers and sisters.
  • Dancing.  Want to dance?  Dance away to songs by Modern English, Blondie, Duran Duran, ZZ Top, Motley Crue (with an umlat over the "u") and more.  We'll give you enough space to even breakdance.
  • Amazing.  That's a word you're going to use at the end of the night in a phrase similar to this: "I had an AMAZING time."  Really.  You will.

Are you sold?  Click HERE to make that perfect December 3rd investment.

Now, what if you REQUEST a song?  You'll invest $100 and get all of the above.  Plus, you will receive:

  • Choosing.  When you REQUEST a song, you're choosing to hear whatever '80s song you want.  Are you a rocker?  A dance diva?  A metalhead?  An R&B Queen?  We don't care.  This night is all about you, your friends, your family...  It's all about you having a blast.  Choose the song, make that REQUEST, and be in control of your own personal Jingle Rock '80s Night destiny.
  • Singing.  Sing the song with your YouChoose Band.  You'll get to rehearse with the group, so by the time you get in front of the mic, in front of the crowd, you'll have 7 of your new best friends backing you up.
  • Playing.  Do you play an instrument?  Pick your song and play that gig axe (that's 1980s music school slang for "instrument") with the band.  Want to hit the skins (play drums)?  Go ahead.  Want to tickle the plastic ivories (play keyboard)?  Go ahead.  Want to pick away at the strings (play guitar)?  Go ahead.  It's your song choice.  It's your song.  You're the boss.  Just remember to invite some friends to watch!
  • Hanging.  Do you like people?  Well, you're about to meet a bunch of them because your YouChoose Band is made up of people, human beings, fellas and ladies, who want to make you feel comfortable and get your fully excited about Push to Walk Jingle Rock '80s Night in Mountain Lakes.

To buy your tickets and make that SONG REQUEST investment, click HERE.

Are we clear now?  You're getting everything you ever wanted in a night, and more.  You're going to a big party with a great band and great food and great drinks and awesome friends.  What else would you rather do on December 3rd?  That's right.  Nothing.  Come out.  We'll make sure you leave smiling and feeling like you made a difference in this world we call "world!"

For questions, CONTACT US or call YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp at 917-204-1929.  You had him at hello.