CUMAC Beatles Night: The Results

CUMAC Beatles Night: The Results

Rather than write a whole big thang, I thought it'd be nice to share with you what I wrote to your YouChoose Band.  Maybe you'll learn something from our experiences over the past 3 years putting on charity shows.  Lots of ups and downs, but CUMAC Beatles Night was our most significant "up" (since our very first show).  Let us know your thoughts.

CUMAC Beatles Night: The Results

Hi Guys - I was waiting to make a post-show post until we had some idea of what our final numbers were. But before that: You guys are AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much for all of the hours you put in, for all of the effort you made to get people to attend CUMAC Beatles Night (#1). In many ways, this was truly our BEST show. I need to do a better job from the stage of giving all of you more credit, because you deserve much more praise publicly than you've been getting. I am starting now with trying to heap it on because it's long overdue.

Now, the number you're waiting for. It is... Wait. One more thing. A prelude to the number. This year's number is lower than last year's number but it's actually a BETTER number. Here's why...

Last year, we cleared somewhere between $9,000 and $10,000 for CUMAC. That was good. What wasn't good, in a way, was $6,000 of that came from Mohawks For Hunger, and a big chunk of that came from Adam Platt (congrats again, sir!). The song requests and sponsorship money was similar this year, but we didn't sell shirts last year, we sold fewer tickets and even fewer dinners. Blech!


This year, we sold over 300 tickets. We sold 150 dinners. We sold 31 shirts (not great, but we still made a tiny profit from them). We sold sponsorships and even got a last-minute sponsor 3 days before the show (they came to us!). We also sold $421 of Yellow Submarine photos and got either $325 or $350 for the Gretsch guitar (thank you Paul DiGiorgioeven though I don't remember your exact winning bid). Our final number was lower, but the bottom line was much healthier because we made good money from more than one revenue stream. Make sense?


Okay, now for the big number. Ready?








What can CUMAC do with $8,000?


- They can feed 160 families of 4 for a week. 
- They can feed 40 families for a month.
- They can pay for their heating bills, for their water bill, their electric bill, their gasoline so their trucks can drive the food we helped pay for out to various food pantries.


WE did this! WE did something great.


Whenever you are feeling down or having a crappy day, remember what you did on March 15, 2014. You gave other human beings a chance. Because if you're hungry, you have no energy. You can't think and get good grades in school. You can't give 100% on a job interview. You can't pull yourself out of a hole.


YOU are giving people a chance to do better, to be better.


That, my friends, is why YOU are so very awesome. Nobody can ever take that away from you. Congratulations and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


We shall return.