Battle of the Bands - Helping To Feed & Finding A Cure

Saturday, September 30, 2017 - 6:00pm

Ukrainian Center

60 North Jefferson Road, Whippany, NJ 07981

It's on.  There's gonna be a fight on September 30th and you should be there to see and hear it.  It's Grammy winner Rob Fusari's band Double Jynx against your YouChoose Band (with no Grammy winners).  All net proceeds will be split in two between CUMAC and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Buy your tickets HERE.

How did this start?

YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy (COG), Dave Philp, has known Rob Fusari (who's penned big hits for/with Destiny's Child, Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston and many more) since their college days.  Fusari made it as a musician.  Philp didn't.  The COG has been a jerk to Rob ever since, which isn't fair, because Rob just did his thing and let his talent win out.  Because Dave was more ugly, a lesser of a musician, and slightly dumber, he used this insecurity to taunt Fusari at every opportunity.

(Above: Fusari and Philp in better days.  Buy your tickets HERE.)

"Stop it!" Rob would say.

Dave wouldn't give in.  Recently, Fusari had had enough.  He let Dave have it with the truth.  Dave, who is extremely insecure and tempermental and somewhat immature, hid his tears (obviously not that well, since you know about them now).  Then, in a rage, Philp said, "I hate you!  And I challenge you to a Rock 'n' Roll duel!"

Rob, a pacifist, just shrugged.

"You scared my band can kick your band's buttocks?" Philp said.

Rob, who feels he and his fellow bandmates each have fine buttocks combos below their backs, said, "No."

"Then we're going to battle it out!"

(Above: Your YouChoose Band, with Rob Fusari on the left, in better days.)

You can buy tickets to this right now!  Simply click HERE.

When you buy your ticket, you get dinner.  It'll be a yummy dinner, catered by a caterer and built around Italian fare like pasta.

Buy your ticket HERE.

Here's how the music will go:

The first band will play 1 song from the '60s.  Then the other band will play one song from the '60s.

We'll repeat that pattern through the end of time.

2 songs from the '70s.

2 songs from the '80s.

2 songs from the '90s

And 1 song from 2000 to today.

Buy your tickets HERE.

You must bring your family to this event.  We're keeping ticket prices low on purpose (and FREE tiks for kids 12 & under).  Students get in for only $20.

Think about all of the other charity events that charge $50 or $150 or $350 for a seat at a table.  You get dinner with your ticket!  We're giving it all away!

There's a "social club" in the Ukrainian Center too, so if you'd like a beer or something else, you can buy one.  

For questions, ask YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy David Kirk Philp:


Go to this!  Buy your ticket HERE.