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Any mom would just wanna squeeze those cheeks!

Christian Orrico has changed the entire complexion of your YouChoose Band.  No, that doesn't mean he spends all of his free time tanning.  It means he not only plays trumpet like a madman (which is a compliment), he arranges all of the horn parts so that Russell on sax and Kurt on trumpet can come in and wail like it's nobody's business.  Not all musicians play by ear.  With horns, you need somebody to write out the various parts.  We've got our guy.  And every event we play will be better because of Christian.

"I don't know much about him," you say, turning down Alex Trebeck's voice on your TV.  "How do I know we can trust him?"

Our canned response: Dude, just take a look at his first name.  Beyond that, come to a YouChoose event and shake Christian's hand.  He is a stand-up guy, a true gentleman, a good person with an energetic spirit and kind heart.  He's the kind of guy, even after you meet him once, that you know would be the first in the room to dive onto an angry grenade.  Now, if you hang out somewhere with Christian, please just keep the grenades a safe distance away.  His wife and two sons would appreciate that.

A little more about the boy who became a man named Christian Orrico:

Name: Christian Orrico
Main instrument: Trumpet
Secondary instruments: All Brass
Current home town: Hampton Township, NJ
Day job: Music Teacher in the Bergenfield School District
How long been playing: 21 years
Favorite style(s) of music: Salsa, Classical, Jazz, Latin Jazz
Schooling: BM Music Education from William Paterson University
Bands/groups of note? Hanover Wind Symphony, Oasis Wedding, Tappanzee Bridgemen, Hawthorne Caballeros Drum and Bugle Corps, Freelance Tri-state area.

Special note: Christian comes to us through a cool new association we have with the Hanover Wind Symphony.  We're going to play an all-request Symphony Rock '70s Night in June with the Hanover Wind Symphony, and Christian's probably going to doing some double-duty, playing with your YouChoose Band and then playing with the combo of YouChoose Band & Hanover Wind Symphony.  Got a favorite '70s song that has some great trumpet?  Think hard.  Our request hotline will open sooner than you think.