Save Another Date: Noah's Ark/Eleventh Hour Rescue '80s Night!

Noah's Ark Animal Welfare at
Save That Date! March 10, 2012

Are you ready for another '80s Night?  Thought so.  Get out your crayon and put a big X on Saturday, March 10, 2012 for Noah's Ark/Eleventh Hour Rescue '80s Night.  We're going to play some great music - all requested in advance by YOU!, raise lots of money and all be part of an unprecedented event.  Why "unprecedented"?  Because you don't see two causes in the same category, much less in the same county, working together for the greater good very often.  Big kudos to both of these awesome organizations for stepping out of their comfort zones.

We don't have a venue yet, as we all just confirmed yesterday the date and that we're even going to do this.  We'll get one soon and then get you all pumped up to go.

So here's what's coming up, if you don't feel like looking to the right side of your screen at our Upcoming Events column:

November 1 - CUMAC HELP Dinner

December 3 - Push To Walk Jingle Rock '80s Night

March 10 - Noah's Ark/Eleventh Hour Rescue '80s Night

April 21 - CUMAC '80s Night 2.0

June 26 - Symphony Rock '70s Night with the Hanover Wind Symphony

To illustrate how the world works, we've already received our first request for the June '70s Night - "Beginnings" by Chicago.  Know the song?  Here 'tis below.  Have a great day and keep saving those dates!  We're going to bring smiles to your faces!