Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Rock This Town"

Stray Cats at
We dare you to rock this town inside out.

Pompodours and mullets.  Man, is there a better combination of head fashion?  I guess mohawks & mullets could be cool, or was for a little while 25 years ago.  That sounds like the name of an album from '88: Mohawks & Mullets.  Maybe we can use it as a promotion with a sponsor someday.  Anyway, watch Los Stray Cats as they strut across your monitors, rocking away.  Great song.  Do you think, if it had never come out, it would be a hit today?

Will your YouChoose Band perform "Rock This Town" on December 3rd at Push to Walk '80s Night?  Only if you request it.  So what are you waiting for?