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Song Stuck In The Head: "Ebony Eyes" By Bob Welch

There's a string line in the chorus to this song that kept playing through my head today.  I couldn't figure out the song.  I knew it was '70s, but what song?  "Band On The Run"?  Nope.  Some Elton John thing?  Nope.  I concentrated.  And then, it came to me.  Now, you are blessed with the song as well.

YouChoose Music Festival: Songs From Which To Choose

Before the weather turns too cold and rainy, and then frigid and snowy, let's celebrate the fall with one last FREE outdoor music festival of the year: The YouChoose Music Festival For CUMAC.  If you don't know, CUMAC (pronounced Koo-Mack) is one of New Jersey's most pivotal food banks.  This "Best of the '70s & '80s" show will feature song requests by people like YOU!

September, Teachers & Back-To-School Days: Two Songs We Forgot

We can't believe we missed these.  We apologize and are very upset with ourselves.

Herb Alpert: How He Made His Hits (From WNYC's Soundcheck)

If you have any interest in music or the music business, take some time to listen to the discussion below.  It's from WNYC radio's Soundcheck.  Host John Schaefer and music writer Chris Molanphy discuss how trumpet player Herb Alpert became one of the biggest stars of the 1960s - and how his biggest hit featured him singing.  Listen & learn. 

96 Songs About September, Teachers & Back-To-School School Days

You probably saw HERE our Top 9 list of songs about September, Teachers and Back-to-School Days.  Guess what.  There are more than 9.  Click below and scroll through the list.  It's a good one!


Back-To-School: The Top 9 Songs About September, Teachers & School Days

It all started with Alice Cooper singing "School's Out" at the end of the last school year.  "School's out for summer.  School's out forever."  The song was inaccurate.  School was out for only two months (or so).  It's back in session now, and we have the Top 9 songs covering September and the whole Back-To-School time period.  We love lists like this.  Now, get out your pencils and start taking some notes!  

Takin' Care Of Business - Labor Day's #1 Song?

Do you think Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "Takin' Care Of Business" is the #1 song for Labor Day?  Considering most people in America probably don't work their dream job every day, maybe it is.  Of course, it's your decision.  Time to vote.!

Don't forget to check out our favorite 9 Labor Day Songs or our full list of 135 Songs For Labor Day.  Which ones are you favorites?

135 Songs For Labor Day

Whew!  Who knew there were so many songs that you can associate with Labor Day?  We, at YouChoose Music, did, but only after many years of careful curation, preparation, and Preparation H.  You can see our 9 Best Labor Day Songs HERE.  If you're looking for something to play all day long, just start with Song #1 on our Spotify List below and go about your workday - or day off!  It is Labor Day, after all!

Whistle While You Work: The 9 Best Labor Day Songs

Here at YouChoose Music, we take pride in putting together song lists built upon interesting topics.  Holidays are great, because we get a chance to go deep and find some obscure, yet still pretty good, songs in addition to the more obvious ones.  Labor Day songs have some obvious picks, but there are loads of songs that fit.  Check out the 9 best ones below.

Ronstadt, Nicks, Benatar & More - Pick Your Fantasy Rock Female Vocalist

Let's say you're forming a supergroup.  Let's say it's got you (and we're assuming you're a superstar), Dave Grohl on guitar (and backup drummer in case of injury to...), Jason Bonham on drums, Geddy Lee on bass, Slash on the other guitar, and Eddie Van Halen on third guitar and keyboards.  You have a slew of female vocalists in their prime, ready to drop everything to join the band.  Of the ladies listed below, who would you choose?

Reunion: What Group Do You Most Want To Get Back Together?

At the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, N*SYNC got back together for about 66 seconds and performed "Bye Bye Bye."  Which got us thinking about what groups/bands/duos you would like to see get back together for a tour, album, porn movie...  We'll give you some ideas below.  Who (or is it "whom"?) are we missing?  One rule to this: All members must still be alive.  Mmkay?  Let us know.