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Lost Billy Joel Song: "The Night Is Still Young"

Chances are good that A) You've never heard this Billy Joel song, or B) You've never seen the video.  It's from 1985, before The Bridge and off of Greatest Hits I and II.  There were two new songs on the Greatest Hits record, and this is the second one that people forgot.  Watch.  Listen.  If you're getting older and starting to question where you've been and where you're going, this song may resonate with you.  Or not.  I'm not you.  You are you.  And together, we are very deep.

Top 8 Songs About Friends & Friendship

We put together a full Spotify list HERE that covers 123 songs about Friends & Friendship.  That's a whole lotta songs.  What are the best?  We spent months holed up in a dirty hole trying to figure that out.  With a mix of analytics, gut reactions, payoffs from artists (thanks, Elton!), and eventual sickness from hanging out for months in a dirty hole, we comprised what we believe will stand the test of time (and test from Mr.

123 Songs About Friends & Friendship

Scientists, philosophers, canines, and really smart people all agree that, without friends, mankind would not be in existence today.  Imagine life without any friends.  We'd all be like Tom Hanks near the end of "Castaway," screaming at soccer balls and drifting away from sanity.  Thank goodness most of us have friends.  It's therefore fitting that many songs have been written about Friends & Friendship.  Want to hear 123 of them?  Check out our Spotify list below.

Greatest Love Song Line Ever (Pt. 3): "Wouldn't It Be Nice"

How's this for a two-sided single (back when singles had sides):  "Wouldn't It Be Nice" on the A side and "God Only Knows" on the B side.  Bands like the Beatles and Beach Boys were so good, they regularly had awesomeness thrive on both sides.  The Part 2 of our Greatest Love Song Line Ever series can be found HERE, with REO Speedwagon.

Drummer Shuns Disability And ROCKS!

This video is a must-watch.  If you're into music, if you're into humanity, if you're into funk, if you're into David Lee Roth's old drummer - this video is for you.  Dean Zimmer is a drummer with a rare congenital disease.  In this 6-minute video, you see how he was able to overcome it and rock out with a band that's opened up for Kansas, Eddie Money, and more.  Watch and feel good that there are people in this world who will overcome anything to achieve their dreams.

Nirvana Vs. Foo Fighters: Who's Better?

To some people, this argument is sacrilegious.  How dare you ever, ever criticize Nirvana.  How dare you even think that the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl were/are more talented and better overall than Nirvana.  It's not possible.  Nirvana changed the world.  Then, there are some who might allow themselves to feel, or quietly admit, that the Foo Fighters not only wrote and recorded some great songs, they just might have been  Let's see, once and for, which band is better.

RIP Allen Lanier of Blue Oyster Cult

Allen Lanier, founding member of Blue Oyster Cult, passed away at the way-too-young age of 67.  Below are two of the band's most memorable songs.  For more about Allen, go HERE.

Rock Quote Of The Day: Chris Difford/Glenn Tilbrook

“Singles remind me of kisses.  Albums remind me of plans.” (1980)

Greatest Love Song Line Ever (Pt. 2): "Keep On Loving You"

Yes, we have gone very Soft Rock on you here at YouChoose Music.  But if you're going to explore great lines from love songs, you're not going to find the best examples by listening to Death Metal.  In Part 1 of our list, we took at look at Glen Campbell's line from "Wichita Lineman" HERE.  In Part 2, we have to cherrypick one line from REO Speedwagon's "Keep On Loving You."  Care to guess what it is?

Album Review: Glenn Frey's "Soul Searchin'"

I was digging through a bunch o' stuff over the weekend and came across an album review I wrote (poorly) back in 1988 for a class in college.  I have no idea what the class was.  'Twas my junior year.  Anyway, the review was about Glenn Frey's then-new release, Soul Searchin'.  I got a B.