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Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Major Tom"

Did David Bowie think that his 1969 song, "Space Oddity," would turn into Peter Schilling's "Major Tom" in 1983?  We highly doubt it.  Yet, each song stands alone as one that is great.  Similar story told in two slightly different ways.  Watch the two videos below and listen.  Two great songs.  One great story.  Waiting for the screenplay.  Any takers?

Let's Meet For Dinner

Dear Great Person Reading This,

I wanna make sure you know you're invited to the massively awesome CUMAC HELP Dinner (it's their 14th - where did the time go?) taking place next Tuesday night.  The social hour begins at 6pm and they'll feed you at 7pm.  Click HERE for the details.  Or call/text YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp at 917-204-1929.  Coolness? 

Jingle Rock '80s Night Prices Shattered!!

That's right.  There's a recession.  The economy is going nowhere fast (not a political statement, just a regurgitation from our buddies in the media who "wouldn't say it if it was not true" - Joe Jackson).  So we've reduced, lowered, slashed and SHATTERED prices on our Jingle Rock '80s Night tickets (to benefit Push to Walk).  What was a $100 ticket is now $75.  SAVE $25!!!!!!!  What was a $125

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Looks That Kill"

What good looking boys, huh?  Love the makeup.  Question for you: Which Motley Crue song do you like best: "Dr. Feelgood," "Kickstart My Heart," "Looks That Kill" or "Girls, Girls, Girls"?  This is important, so please hit us up here, on Facebook or Twitter so we can feel what you're feeling.  Cool?  But wait, there's more...

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Still Of The Night"

The other day, your YouChoose Song of the Day was "Shake You Down" by Gregory Abbott.  That song is the complete, 100%, absolute, redundantly polar opposite of today's Song of the Day, "Still of the Night" by Whitesnake.  Today's song is edgy, powerful, and sexy in a different way from Gregory's "eeny meany miney moe" crooning.  Why are we going in another direction?  Because that's how your S

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Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Shake You Down"

We know this song from 1986, but does anybody really know anything about Gregory Abbott?  Let's see what Wikipedia wants to tell us: "In 1986, Abbott released his first solo album, Shake You Down.

Miller Lite - Great Commercials From The '80s #4

In honor of Miller Lite, we present the first of a series of great Miller Lite commercials from the 1980s.  Remember this one from 1982?


Directions To Jingle Rock '80s Night

Wanna know how to get to the Wayne United Methodist Church in Wayne, NJ for our great, amazingly awesome CUMAC Jingle Rock '80s Night on December 3rd at 7pm?  We're here to help.  Just use the Googlemap below and you'll be as good as there. 

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Your Love"

Who here knew the keyboard player for The Outfield was blind?  Who knew the lead singer had a bad overbite?  Who knew that, if the song was just about good enough, there didn't really need to be a plot to a music video, even if the director tried?  Okay, we've known the answer to #3 for many years.  But numbers 1 and 2?  Yeah, you're learning stuff here.  And we're happy to go on this educational rampage with you.

Miller Lite - Great Commercials From The '80s #3

In honor of Miller Lite's sponsorship of Dog Day '80s Night, here's another great Miller Lite TV spot from the 1980s.  Like it?


Your YouChoose Songs(!) Of The Day: '80s Rock Hits

Here's a compilation from YouTube spanning your full decade of the 1980s.  Lots of great songs and memorable videos (they didn't always get the year of each song right, i.e.

Push to Walk '80s Night: The Songs Are Marching In

We're getting SONG REQUESTS for Push to Walk Jingle Rock '80s Night now and very happy to oblige.  It's a mix of songs from the '80s that are going to force you to fight the urge to simultaneously breakdance and do the robot.  We're on the path to fun.  And we have slots still open for your