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Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Piece By Piece"

This was a minor hit for The Tubes back in 1985, but a good song nonetheless.  Why is it your YouChoose Song of the Day today?  We've got an answer.  We're pitching a tech company whose mantra is to put the pieces of your technology puzzle togeter.  We looked for songs and this one might make the most sense.  Other suggestions?  You'll see them below.  It's a multi-Song of the Day for you!  Lucky.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Hanging On The Telephone"

I was talking to Ken Toumey of Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants yesterday and he told me about this song by Blondie.  I'd never heard it, or heard of it.  He said, come on, Dave.  You gotta know this.  I said no, Ken, no, I don't know it.  Well guess what?  Now I do.  And you've joined the club too.  Thanks, Ken, for improving my quality of life.

Welcome New Sponsors, Who Are Now Our Best Friends!

More to come, but give a warm welcome to Kevin McArdle and his Morris Security Group.  They've just taken up one of the Push to Walk Jingle Rock '80s Night Small Business Specials.  But wait.  There's another?  That's right.  Big hugs to Ken Toumey and his Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants franchise.  Another Small Business

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Where Are You Now"

Remember this song by Jimmy Harnen with Synch?  The true definition of a one-hit wonder - only it took 3 years for the song to become a hit.  Want to know the story?  Watch the first 2-minute video by a local Pennsylvania newscaster as she explains.  Then give a listen to Jimmy & friends sing out to this semi-power ballad.  Now do you remember?

A Proposal For Wine Library

I'm sure you get pitched almost constantly by people asking for money and time and insert pitch here.  Here comes another.  However, I'm hoping this YouChoose proposal stands out based upon creativity, the true value to you and your business, and the social good of the overall endeavor.  Plus, it's going to be a lot of fun.  Ready?  Set?  Let's rock...


The Create-Your-Own Sponsorship

Here's something new and different.  Hopefully, you'll find this easy too.  We're trying to do lots of creative things with sponsors, for example, at CUMAC '80s Night 2.0, we had a special contest to see who can eat the most Tree Tavern Pizza while your YouChoose Band performs "Hungry Like The Wolf."  We're going to lay out a bunch of items below, like a restaurant menu.  You, the potential sponsor, pick the ones you want.  Then name your price.  Will we accept?  You won't know until you try!

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Hero Takes A Fall"

Sure, it would've been easy to throw up "Manic Monday" today, since it's Monday.  But why?  Why make it easy on all of us.  Instead, here's the first Bangles track this boy ever heard, called "Hero Takes A Fall."  What do you think of Susanna Hoffs' hair?

Steve Lanni - Artiste of Sound, Builder of Aural Dreams

If a band plays in the forest and nobody's around, do they make a sound?  Luckily, that question doesn't apply to your YouChoose Band.  "Por que?" you ask with your pseudo-Spanish accent.  Here's why: We've got Steve Lanni on the sound boards.  He's an artiste (that's fancy for "artist"); he'll build your aural dream that some like to call "a YouChoose event."  The bottom line is this:  It's because of Steve Lanni our concerts don't pay homage to silent films of the '20s.

Paul Stetler - That Boy Can Sing!

Your eyes don't deceive you.  There are two Stetlers in your YouChoose Band, big brother Stevie, who earned a Ph.D. in the bass guitar after many years playing for coal miners in Kentucky, and little, but not smaller, brother Paulie, whom you may call Paul.  He's a singer.  Dabbles on piano.  But his throat gets him through the day.  Want to find out more?  Here's what Paul wants you to know:

Paul Stetler - Vocals

Also Plays: Piano

Current Hometown: Riverdale, NJ

Day Job: Clinician

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Red Skies"

Sometimes, I feel we've forgotten about The Fixx.  No more, I say.  No more.

Will your YouChoose Band perform "Red Skies At Night" at Push to Walk's Jingle Rock '80s Night on December 3rd?  Only if you request it.  We are taking requests now.  Want to play and/or sing along with the band?  Here's your big chance to listen to your inner rock star and show off your stuff.  We'd love to have you.

YouChoose: Songs, Subjects & Favorites Pt. 1

When you think about love or peace or cheating or even picking up a dog's poop, there has been a song written about those subjects.  Since Tommy Edison recorded "Mary Had A Little Lamb," a catalog of music on every subject imaginable has been recorded.  Take a look below and see/listen to some especially interesting songs and categories.

DREAMS (The kind you get when you sleep)

There's "Here Comes The Flood" by Peter Gabriel:

Forbes Video: About Sean Parker, Who Single-Handedly Changed The Music Biz Forever

If you're a little bit into the back rooms of the music business, have downloaded a song off of the internet (legally or illegally), or saw Justin Timberlake in "The Social Network," it's worth checking out part of this video.  Big piece in this month's Forbes Magazine about Sean Parker, who created Napster and is, apparently, another genius eccentric.