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Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Cold Hearted Snake"

Let us travel back to 1989 and give a listen to then-newcomer Paula Abdul and one of her first #1 singles, "Cold Hearted Snake."  Since she's got herself a new show, The X-Factor, coming to TV soon and we've got ourselves an '80s Night (actually, three of them) coming up soon, this all makes good sense.  Do you agree?  Great.  See you on December 3rd at Push to Walk '80s Night.  It's gonna be awesome.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "I Don't Care Anymore"

There's something to be said about defiance.  There's something to be said about following one's own convictions.  There's something to be said about following the beat of your own drummer.  In "I Don't Care Anymore," by Phil Collins, you hear somebody sing about his newfound strength, someone who is still fearful of what may come, but knows he has to move forward to his own destination, at his own pace. 

Taking Requests: The Push To Walk '80s Night Countdown Begins

The countdown is on.  We've got 82 days until Push To Walk '80s Night.  What's your favorite song from the '80s?  For only $125, the YouChoose Band will play that song at The Mountain Lakes Club in front of all your chums.  Better yet, for that same one hundred smackers, you can sing and/or play along with the band!  You can even rehearse with us two or three times.  Plus, you can a free ticket for Push To Walk '80s Night.  Do you have an inner rock star dying to get out?  Here's your chance.  Take it! 

Can You Help CUMAC?

Please read this email I received from Rev. Juel Nelson of the Franklin Lakes Methodist Church.  CUMAC is on the front lines of the flood war going on in Paterson and they are in desperate need of help.  Is there anything you can do?

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Superman"

Why REM's "Superman" today?  It just feels like we need one today.  Good song too.  Do we need better reasons than those?

Watch the guy playing tambourine in the background and singing with Michael Stipe.  He's very limber.  Here's an aside: Did you know how loud a tambourine can be?  Next time you get the chance, play tambourine along to any song, say "Cars" by Gary Numan.  Your ears will be ringing when the song ends, and you can't blame Mr. Numan's voice.

Here's REM.  Superman, where are you?


CUMAC Needs Help!

Call 973-742-5518.  CUMAC needs you now more than ever!

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "It's Raining Again"

This is from Supertramp's 1982 album, Famous Last Words.  Here's a live version by lead singer Roger Hodgson.  It makes sense today, because I uttered some famous last words on Sunday, saying how we hadn't had rain in a week (since Irene) and the topsoil was getting dusty from being too dry.  Sunday night, the rain started again and it hasn't let up.  Last night, we had thunder and lightning and pounding rain.  The floods are back in North Jersey.  Sorry I said anything.


Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Whip It"

Since we've got three '80s Nights booked, let's start pumping the world up with a bunch o' songs from the 1980s as your YouChoose Songs of the Day.  Today, Devo's "Whip It."  Why?  Because it's never, ever too late to whip it, whip it good.

Save Another Date: Noah's Ark/Eleventh Hour Rescue '80s Night!

Are you ready for another '80s Night?  Thought so.  Get out your crayon and put a big X on Saturday, March 10, 2012 for Noah's Ark/Eleventh Hour Rescue '80s Night.  We're going to play some great music - all requested in advance by YOU!, raise lots of money and all be part of an unprecedented event.  Why "unprecedented"?  Because you don't see two causes in the same category, much less in the same county, working together for the greater good very often.  Big kudos to both of these awesome organizations for stepping out of their comfort zones.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Blaze Of Glory"

From 1990, this is Jon Bon Jovi's long forgotten, lone solo hit.  Someone can do the research, but the belief here is that it was his last music video with his really long '80s hair.  It was on the soundtrack to Young Guns II, which was basically Jon's (yeah, we're on a first-name basis) first and only solo album.  Hit song (#1), hit album (#3) and dreadful movie.  Seriously, it was a bad movie.  It's currently airing once every 20 minutes on your local cable movie channel.  So enjoy your Tuesday and enjoy your solo Jon Bon Jovi.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "There's Only One Way To Rock"

In honor of Monday's David Lee Roth vs. Sammy Hagar podcast.  Yesterday, we played some solo Davey.  Today?  Some solo Sammy, from 1985's Farm Aid show.  His voice is good, but you might be surprised at how good a guitarist he is.  Hmmm.  Sammy's making the choice kinda tough.  Or is he?  Check back for tomorrow's podcast and hear.

Taking Requests: The Push To Walk '80s Night Hotline Is Open

YouChoose events are built around this premise: Put on a great, fun live music event where EVERY song performed has been requested in advance by the audience, let the audience sing and/or perform the song with the band - and then - sell those requests to raise money for great non-profit causes.  Your chance to make a difference in our topsy-turvy world while having an incredible time is right around the corner - December 3rd's Jingle Rock '80s Night.  But there are only 20 slots, so make that request now!  Click on Read More please.