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Keep Coming Back

On Monday, we've got our next YouChoose Podcast.  Which Van Halen was better, the one with David Lee Roth or the one with Sammy Hagar?  YouChoose!  We'll have more YouChoose Songs of the Day and some other fresh ideas built around some of our upcoming shows.  So pull a Richard Marx and Keep Coming Back.

A YouChoose Top 10 List: Top 10 Grossing Films of 1980

We've got a lot of the '80s on our minds here at YouChoose headquarters.  On November 1, we're celebrating CUMAC '80s Night with CUMAC at their 14th Annual HELP Dinner.  On December 3, it's '80s Night for Push To Walk in Mountain Lakes.  On April 21, we're talking CUMAC '80s Night 2.0.  And in between?  We think we

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Jean Genie"

Meeting this morning with Genie Weisz, La Presidente of The Paper Store, with locations in Paterson, Kenilworth and East Hanover.  We want her to see that today's YouChoose Song of the Day is all about her.  She wasn't glam back in the '70s.  She was just a lil' girl.  But she's a glamourous figurine today and we appreciate her and her glamour.  In honor of the Weisz Administration, here's David Bowie's "Jean Genie."

CUMAC Needs Help!

CUMAC runs Passaic County's largest food distribution program and regularly feeds about 2,600 low-income people each month.  With the horrific flooding throughout Northern New Jersey, CUMAC's services are more strained than ever.  They need our help.  I received this note last night from Pastor Jeff Campbell of the United Methodist Church in Wayne: "CUMAC is reporting that they have an immediate urgent need for Men's, women's, and children's socks and underwear and general non perishable foods.  CUMAC anticipates a clothin

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Let The River Run"

"Let The River Run," by Carly Simon, is your YouChoose Song of the Day today for obvious reasons... 

Meanwhile, look at those clothes.  This was from 1989, but it looks more like 1983.  Wait until 2023.  They're going to look at what we're wearing today and think, "Man, their clothes look so dated."  It also looks like the drummer is Mickey Curry, from Hall & Oates.

Want some more trivia for the song?  Found this on Wikipedia:

Geri Rosman & GR*PR - Making The World Better, One Word At A Time

It is so easy to get in contact with the Lords of YouChoose, it's not even funny.  Do you see anyone laughing?  Thought so.  Now let's get serious.  If you are considering writing about YouChoose, or interviewing the dudes in YouChoose, or even thinking about writing or interviewing Los Lobos de YouChoose, then you must, by all means, speak with Geri Rosman of GR*PR.  She is a guru.  No, she doesn't look like the Mahareshi.  In fact, she may not even like spicy food.  But you won't know unless you ask her.  And that conversation will lead you to

The Gigs Is Piling Up

YouChoose finally has the wind at its back.  That's right, folks.  Irene has blown some positive karma our way, and we've got a great slate of music to play and money to raise, starting in the next few months.  Wanna see what's a-gonna happen?  You can look to your right, at the Upcoming Decade Nights column, or simply read on...


Your YouChoose Songs Of The Weekend: "Riding The Storm Out" & "Ride Like The Wind"

So, if a category 3 or 4 hurricane is heading straight for you and your house, do you pack up and speed away for higher ground?  Or do you ride the storm out from your sunroom?  It's obviously a very personal decision.  On Thursday, I heard a guy who lives on a Carolina island say that he and his wife were staying.  It was in their blood.  It's what his daddy did and his daddy's daddy did.  "In the old days, they'd stay because they didn't even know a storm was coming."  What this dude doesn't understand is his daddy's daddy didn't have The Weather Channe

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Sixty Years On"

Turn it up.  Close your eyes.  Listen to the dynamics of this masterpiece, a live version of Elton John's 1970 song, "Sixty Years On."   Released in 1987, what you're watching and hearing came from Elton's Live In Australia With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra concert CD.  It's a wonderful song.  And inspiring.  Who did it inspire?  Read on.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "I Feel The Earth Move"

There was an earthquake today.  Did you feel it?  It was pretty cool; my first and now I'm a complete human being.  Speaking of complete human beings, YouChoose BFF Elaine Schlatter hit me up on LinkedIn and said, and I'm paraphrasing, "Yo, 'sup my man?  Yo, how 'bout you hit me up wit' some o' dat Carole King in honor of da big earthquake, mon."  So, in honor of Elaine,  her dual personalities, her fabulous musicianship with the Hanover Wind Symphony, and the earthquake, here's a bit o' Carole King's "I Feel The Earth Move." Rock on!


Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Saturday In The Park"

In New Jersey, today is supposed to be the best day of the weekend.  So go outside.  'Nuff said.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Superman's Song"

Just thinking about how Superman was always there for the world tragedies and how great it would be, in real life, to have a Superman.  "And sometimes I despair the world will never see another him."  On the other hand, suppose there was a Superman and his constant presence made him an enabler.  And then we did more bad things but didn't care because we knew, in the end, Superman would save us.  And then one day he didn't and we got mad because he'd always been there and he wasn't now.  (He could have been on vacation with Lois, or maybe he had needed to

The African Hunger

It's 2011 and we're in the middle of a technological revolution.  We can communicate in so many different ways, easily.  The voices in the world have more access to being heard than any time in the history of mankind because of technology.  We are on the verge of so many breakthroughs and, in many cases, have made the breakthroughs.  Yet the African hunger that is currently ravaging through the continent continues like a plague.