John Reynolds - Guitar Man

Born in Sacramento, Calif., in October 1966, John Reynolds began his musical odyssey at age 4 by obsessing over his father’s Little Richard 45s. By age 9, he had further developed his musical acumen and style by pretending to be the fourth guitarist in April Wine. Actual music first emerged from John at age 11, when he coerced his father into buying a Japanese knock-off of a Gibson Les Paul electric guitar. And, with that, John embarked on a 33-year campaign of membership in rock bands that have been all the rage among his friends and loved ones.

In seventh grade, John formed his first band, Wrambler (originally Rambler-- John insisted on adding the “W’ because it was “cooler”), a three-piece with no singer who honed their chops playing J. Geils and REO Speedwagon favorites on the Lincolnshire, Ill., little-sister’s-birthday-party circuit. In high school, John played lead guitar and saxophone for Get Naked!, a five-piece cover band best-known for their legendary performance at the Mendham, N.J., Memorial Day Festival of 1983. While attending Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., in the mid-1980s, John performed with No Bozos, a slick party band boasting an almost supernatural command of the Huey Lewis and INXS catalogs.

In the late 1980s, John partnered with singer, lyricist and fellow Lafayette alumnus Marty Clarke to create The Goatmen, a strange and compelling act that fused musical eclecticism with inscrutable, rapid-fire inside jokes. The Goatmen made countless club appearances as both a duo and full band, and they issued two official recordings: 1989’s “The Goatmen,” a vinyl LP released by the indepedent Noiseville label, and 1992’s “Destroyer,” a 40-track, self-released cassette that became something of a cult classic in certain disreputable circles.

Simultaneously, John co-founded Every Damn Day, a straightforward, American power-pop band with punk undertones and shrewd songcraft. One of the most prolific contributors to the Hoboken indie-rock scene of the early ‘90s, Every Damn Day self-released some half-dozen cassettes and CDs and performed regularly at Hoboken haunts Live Tonight and Maxwell’s, as well as New York venues Kenny’s Castaways, the Lion’s Den, and even the legendary CBGB. John will not hesitate to boast to total strangers that he performed on CBGB’s stage in the exact same spot as the late Johnny Ramone, with whom John shares a birthday.

Somewhere along the way, John married an amazing woman who replaced his Japanese knock-off guitar with an actual 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Damn, he loves that woman. At the time of this writing, he plans to wield that guitar like a mighty scimitar on CUMAC ‘80s Night.

Today, John once again pretends to be the fourth guitarist in April Wine and is sometimes in a fake band with Dave Philp that’s called either Combover or Juicebox, they can’t decide. He fills in the blank spots of his day by being the Director of Internet Application Development for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in New York City, and he occasionally builds Web sites for fun -- like He lives with his wife and two daughters in a lean-to in Dave Philp's backyard in Wayne, N.J, and he has completely beaten Super Mario Galaxy AND Super Mario Galaxy 2, so feel that, haters.