Bob DeMaio - Maestro Of The Guitarro

Bob DeMaio was born in 1968 and grew up in Madison, NJ.  Raised in a decidedly non-musical family, Bob was exposed to very little music save for the only two albums his mother owned, Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" and Barry Manilow's "Even Now" (with "Copacabana" on the B-side), which she played repeatedly, and endlessly.  His first musical instrument was his uncle's beat-up and discarded electric guitar, and soon Bob was spending his 8th grade afternoons in the basement, with no amplifier, attempting to jam to songs on the radio.

Though he had little to no actual ability, once word got out that Bob owned an electric guitar he was soon approached by two groups of friends to join their respective bands, the Achromatics (with Scott Roberts) and 24 West (soon to be joined by Dave Philp and Joe Hubert {ed. note: Davey & Joey & Scott are in The Amped Up Parish Drive Big Band]).  Realizing that practicing music and gigging with his bands was an effective way to avoid playing sports, he dedicated himself to the guitar, primarily teaching himself and gradually refining his playing to a solid mediocre, which sounded just fine to his 16-year-old bandmates.
Bob attended Delbarton High School, but being fortunate enough to play in two bands kept him regularly connected to his Madison High friends.  While earning his B.A. in Political Science from Drew University, he worked a variety of jobs, including small carpentry jobs on old houses around Madison.  Upon graduation he decided carpentry was more fun to him than office work and became a self-employed contractor; now in its 20th year, DeMaio Jr Construction Services, LLC has evolved into a residential interior renovation company, specializing in solving small, tricky, or unusual problems for homeowners.  Bob also extended his carpentry skills to Chatham United Methodist Church's RISE program, where he spent a week per summer over several summers serving as a Work Coordinator for the program.

Bob lives in Somerville, NJ with his wife and four-year-old son.  Because he's lucky enough to have in-laws with a boat, he has recently begun to learn how to sail, occasionally gliding along the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, MD lashed to the mast much in the style of Bill Murray in "What About Bob."