Paul Stetler - That Boy Can Sing!

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He's just a singer in a rock n roll band.

Your eyes don't deceive you.  There are two Stetlers in your YouChoose Band, big brother Stevie, who earned a Ph.D. in the bass guitar after many years playing for coal miners in Kentucky, and little, but not smaller, brother Paulie, whom you may call Paul.  He's a singer.  Dabbles on piano.  But his throat gets him through the day.  Want to find out more?  Here's what Paul wants you to know:

Paul Stetler - Vocals

Also Plays: Piano

Current Hometown: Riverdale, NJ

Day Job: Clinician

How Long The Boy's Been Singing: Since 3rd grade

Favorite Style of Music:  Various genres within the metal genre

Music Schooling:  Lessons in elementary and middle school

Bands/Groups of Note:  In my own metal band called Ataraxia