Steve Lanni - Artiste of Sound, Builder of Aural Dreams

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If you're Silence, this is the last face you'll ever see.

If a band plays in the forest and nobody's around, do they make a sound?  Luckily, that question doesn't apply to your YouChoose Band.  "Por que?" you ask with your pseudo-Spanish accent.  Here's why: We've got Steve Lanni on the sound boards.  He's an artiste (that's fancy for "artist"); he'll build your aural dream that some like to call "a YouChoose event."  The bottom line is this:  It's because of Steve Lanni our concerts don't pay homage to silent films of the '20s.

Now, it's Steve's turn.  Here's some deeply personal information about him that you must know.  "Por que?" you ask again, this time with a better accent that might actually be considered authentic in some parts of Botswana.  Here's why: Because he's not only an awesome sound designer, he's also a great guy.  Be sure to tip him nex time you come to one of our shows.  He's doing an army's worth of work for peanuts and a small pint of tap water.

Steve Lanni, take it away!

Main Instrument -Dynamic Microphones
Secondary Instruments - Guitar, Ukelel
Current Hometown -
Asbury Park, NJ
Day Job -Computer Analyst
How long been playing? Since my youth.
Favorite Style(s) of Music - Honest
Schooling - Un-lettered
Bands/Groups of note - Singer/ song writer for Fear of Falling, indie-rock band at tail end of Hoboken music renaissance.
Desert Island Disc -Who needs music when you've got the sound of the sea?