The Create-Your-Own Sponsorship sponsorships
We don't have a blimp, but we'd get one for ya if you wanted!

Here's something new and different.  Hopefully, you'll find this easy too.  We're trying to do lots of creative things with sponsors, for example, at CUMAC '80s Night 2.0, we had a special contest to see who can eat the most Tree Tavern Pizza while your YouChoose Band performs "Hungry Like The Wolf."  We're going to lay out a bunch of items below, like a restaurant menu.  You, the potential sponsor, pick the ones you want.  Then name your price.  Will we accept?  You won't know until you try!

YouChoose can offer you many different options, from custom video to song sponsorship to contests and complete event integration.  In the past, we've received anywhere from $489 (check out our Small Business Special) to $4,000 for a sponsorship.  We're going to offer you something unique.  Pick your favorites from the menu of items below.  Then CONTACT US and tell us what you think the sponsorship is worth.  Remember this: You as a sponsor will be reaching a hyperlocal audience at the event as well as a broader audience through the web.  We'll show you more creativity than any other marketing opportunity that has been presented to you in ages.  We'll do all we can to make sure your marketing dollars are well spent. 

Meanwhile, realize the social good you are doing.  Do you know your sponsorship helps YouChoose support different non-profits, from Noah's Ark & Eleventh Hour Rescue to CUMAC, Passaic County's largest food bank, to Special Olympics New Jersey to The Hanover Wind Symphony?  We need you just as much as you need us.  That's the definition of a true partnership.  And we hope you'll want to partner with YouChoose for more than one event.


Here are your choices.  Pick one.  Pick ten.  YouChoose!  Then CONTACT US and tell us what you want to pay.  We have the right to turn you down, but we really don't want to.  We're looking for partners to help us change the world one song request at a time.  Interested? 

The Menu:

  • Song sponsorship integrated into YouChoose Decade Night event
  • Live performance of YOUR song posted on YouTube with your company logo and SEO optimization 
  • Custom "commercial" written and acted out for your brand at the event, then uploaded onto YouTube (see commercial and song for Ruby's Travel in video below - get the reason why we chose the song we did?)
  • Custom one-on-one video interview posted on YouTube & and optimized to provide maximum SEO for your business
  • A third promotional video, posted on YouTube and (and, if you like, your company website)
  • Complete review of your company's social media, from LinkedIn to Facebook to your website and email strategies
  • Links on YouChoose Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts
  • Blog entries on (written by YouChoose, LLC)
  • You can provide a blog entry about your sponsorship on
  • The YouChoose "Hidden Gem of the Day" Sponsorship online
  • Your logo on
  • Your logo on our event partner's website
  • Your YouChoose Band sponsorship
  • Naming rights to event venue (for one night)
  • Stage sponsorship
  • Parking lot sponsorship
  • Dance floor sponsorship
  • Open Bar (when applicable) sponsorship
  • Dinner sponsorship
  • Snack sponsorship
  • Contest sponsorship
  • Massive creative idea that integrates your specific business into a YouChoose event (i.e. Tree Tavern above or Mohawks For Hunger with CUMAC food bank and Public Image Ltd. - The Salon)

Last thing - look at the second video below, which is for YouChoose sponsor Texas Smoke BBQ.  There's no song in the video.  It's just YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp running around and touting the sponsor to a sold out crowd.  As of this writing, the video had over 535 views.  And if you clicked on the pop-up we included on the video, you'd be taken to their website.

We can do that for you too!

That's everything, as long as you include the limitlessness of human imagination.  We can do anything.  CONTACT US and let's talk.  Call of text Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp at 917-204-1929.  Email him: You don't need a detective to find him.  He's right here, waiting for you.

Sound good?  Great.  See you very soon.


YouChoose On YouTube: Ruby's Travel - "Handle with Care" (Traveling Wilburys)

Texas Smoke BBQ YouChoose On YouTube: Rock 'N' Winds '70s Night


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