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Stephen Stetler was born August 27, 1979, in Morristown, New Jersey.  He has two younger brothers and was raised in Wayne, New Jersey.  Stetler's interest in music began when he noticed he could hold a tune singing.  He played, and took lessons, on a variety of instruments including the clarinet, piano and electric guitar before finally settling on the bass.  Stetler originally went to college in Staten Island, receiving a handsome scholarship for his voice.  He toured with the choir of Wagner College.  All the while though, he was a rocker through-and-through and would constantly practice his guitar when not singing with the choir.  

The rock obsession began when he was a little boy and his father would play Lynyrd Skynyrd records.  The rock music spoke to him in a way that no other could.  As time went on, the family went through a renaissance of music including Lionel Richie, Joe Jackson and Genesis.  The 80's were alive in the Stetler household and little Stephen thrived in it.  One Christmas was a particularly tough year financially for the Stetlers and Stephen received but one gift: a cassette of Michael Jackons' "Bad."  After listening to it over and over, Stetler realized that although the meaning was directed at him being a 'bad boy,' making this his only gift, the song captivated him.  

 While playing in several bands, Stetler consistently noticed one thing that would make him stand out amongst his bandmates: his passion.  It came through in every performance and show.  While Stetler's playing style was honed from years of lessons with NJ top guitarist Vince Genella and playing in friends' basements and garages, his on-stage presence is entirely organic and an expression of what he felt inside.  On-stage, Stetler's performance exceeded all expectation and added an element of excitement.  Stetler recalled a gig one of his band's had where after the show was over, everyone lined up to meet him and virtually ignored the rest of the band.  Stetler also went on to produce music with a popular entertainment company for a short while.

Finally, after countless years of playing in bands, Stetler gave up the dream of being a rock star at 26.  He simply could not make a go of it.  Financially speaking, Stetler needed to start focusing on other things.  So his guitars and basses collected dust for years as he pursued a career in Information Technology.  Fast forward to 2010, Stetler is recruited to be the bassist for a newly formed band at the United Methodist Church of Wayne.  Stetler finally met his match in passion with the drummer, David Philp.  Under Philp's leadership, the band was officially named 'Parish Drive.'  The rest is history unfolding!

Special New Note From Stetler: Steve also wants you to know that he has a brother Paul and that he (Steve, not Paul) has a gorgeous wife and beautiful daughter.  They (again, this has nothing to do with Paul) live in Parsippany, New Jersey.



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