Hanging Out With David + Dave - All The Interviews

Hanging Out With David + Dave - All The Interviews

On most Monday nights, you can come back here to watch Hanging Out With David + Dave Live.  These are live-streamed interviews with musicians, entrepreneurs, and people of interest.  You can see the full list (frequently updated) below.  Just click on the interview that is most interesting to you and, voila! (that's Portugese for, "Smack!"), you'll see some smart talk.  Well, you'll see smart people (some of them) moving their jaws and mouths.  You'll hear them talking.  And that's what Hanging Out is all about.  Join us, yes?

Hanging Out With David + Dave - All The Interviews

To see each interview, just click on the person's name.  If you see a picture, the person featured in the picture is right below the picture.   For example, if there was an interview with Jack Nicholson (there's not) with a picture, you'd see this:

Jack Nicholson of Head (Monkees movie)

Get it?  Good.  Let's check 'em all out now, shall we?

Music & Art

Ali Spagnola of Shot Glass USB & Power Hour Drinking Game

Bob Malone of John Fogerty band

J Sider, CEO of BandPage.com

Dr. Stephen Marcone of Music Management program, William Paterson University

Dr. E. Michael Harrington Intellectual Property Expert Witness

Kristin Thomson of The Future of Music Coalition

Matt Paterno Music Director of Hanover Wind Symphony

Valerie Paik with The Art of Belly Dance

Gregg Breinberg of PS22

Joe Hubert, writer of "Bessie The Werecow"

John Butler, VP Promotion at Curb Records

Michael Brandvold, Founder of Michael Brandvold Marketing

Non-Profits & Doing Good

Lynne Bruger of CUMAC

Michael Connell of YouGiveGoods

Pastor Jeff Campbell of the United Methodist Church


Carolyn Conover of A Future With Hope



Tommy Hilcken of Tommy's Toolbox

Jake Sasseville of Delusions of Grandeur


Adam Carl of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II


David Cunic of Pazoo.com & DMC Athletics & Rehabilitation

Donna Miller of C3 Workplace

Christine Clifton of Client Centric Growth

Chip Reichhard of Sandler Sales Training

Chris Curran of Fractual Recording

Brian Donohue of Echoloation

Brian Kantor of UPlanMe.com

Chris Boraski & Venu Moola of Princeton Tech Meetup

Zion Kim of JuiceTank

Travis Kahn of TechLaunch

Max Weinstein of Stop Badware

Mike Doyle of Drive80 Studios

Jack Killion of Eagle Rock Diversified Fund

David Deutsch of SynergiSocial

Judy Chapman of Garden State Woman

Paul Gourhan of PMV (graphic design & communications)

Kendra Von Achen, founder DB Pros

Hanging Out With David + Dave is produced ('wow, that sounds cool,' you're thinking) and hosted ('not as cool,' you're thinking) by David Deutsch of SynergiSocial and Dave Philp of YouChoose.

David knows the social media sphere and, in this interview, proves it with words.  You can see David's website here: http://synergisocial.com/

Dave Philp, Chief Organizer Guy of YouChoose, LLC, a swell company that produces live benefit concerts for worthy non-profit causes, is your co-host with the mo-host (nobody knows what that means). With all of your power and might, visit his website here: http://myyouchoose.com/

Keep coming back for more Hanging Out With David + Dave. Why? Because our world is so much better when you are a part.