Russell Ford - The Better Than Mobile, Better Than Landline Saxophone

Russell Ford at
Oh, you Sax-y thing!

Everybody has a telephone.  Everybody has a cellphone.  But does everybody have a saxophone?  Nyet.  (That's a fancy word in another language for "No.")  But you know what?  Your YouChoose Band has a saxophone, and it comes with great long-distance rates (stand right next to it or stand outside - same great sound, same great price).  Our saxophone is dialed up via the one and only Russell Ford, who joins YouChoose with one goal in mind: a clear, crisp sound.

Rather than let us go on and on about what a quality musician and person Russell Ford is, we asked him some questions.  You're going to love his responses.  Russell, please begin to rock:

Name: Russell Ford
Main instrument
: Bari Sax
Secondary instruments
: Alto and Tenor Sax
Current home town
: Parsippany, NJ
Day job
: Environmental Engineer
How long been playing
: 36 years
Favorite style(s) of music
: Jazz (Bebop)
: B.S. Chemical Engineering – Syracuse University; M.E. and PhD Environmental Engineering – Stevens Institute of Technology.  I am a product of the New York City School system which is where I learned how to play.
Bands/groups of note?
Hanover Wind Symphony, Kings Road Swing Band

Special note: Russell comes to us through a cool new association we have with the Hanover Wind Symphony.  We're going to play an all-request Symphony Rock '70s Night in June with the Hanover Wind Symphony, and Russell's probably going to doing some double-duty, playing with your YouChoose Band and then playing with the combo of YouChoose Band & Hanover Wind Symphony.  Got a favorite '70s song that has some great sax?  Think hard.  Our request hotline will open sooner than you think.