Tom Fulgenzi - Shotgun Guitar

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Which has aged better? This or Cindy Crawford?

When we perform with Tom Fulgenzi, we're always sure to wear bulletproof attire.  Not that he means to harm us.  It's just Tom Fulgenzi is so fast and so deadly with his guitar, one needs to treat his axe like it's something he had to register for and wait five days to finally clear to get it.  He's better than good and more melodic than your greatest muse.  And that's how he tricks you.  Before you know it, you're looking down the barrell of a loaded Stratocaster and fearing for you life.

But don't be too concerned.  Tommy would never hurt anyone.  We just seem to expect it, considering the firewords that explode out of his fingers as he jams away.  True Story:  Tom's house burned down early in the summer of 2011.  As he stood outside watching the flames and smoke, he realized something: His guitar was still inside.  He ran through the front door, told the fireman battling flames and certain death that he'd only take 10 seconds, and snatched his guitar and his amp before any damage.  True story.  Although I may have built up the fire part a little more dramatically than I should have.  But still, if a fireman has a hose and is wearing a mask and an oxygen tank, would you run inside barefoot to retrieve your beloved longneck?

In Tom's own words, here is how he describes himself.  Read and look for deep meaning.  Is there truly a deeper meaning?  Well, that's for you, Tom and the Rock Gods to figure out on your own.

Tommy, take it away!

Main Instrument - Guitar
Secondary Instruments - Bass, played drums briefly
Current Hometown - Lake Hopatcong
Day Job - Work at Nestle Waters (Poland Spring) as a route relief specialist.
How long been playing? I have been playing for 32 years approx. I started in July 1979
Favorite Style(s) of Music - Blues, classic rock, country, Jazz. I will listen to anything
Schooling - It's called The Street
Bands/Groups of Note - Allied Forces was my band. Yes we stole the name.
Desert Island Disc - Anything from Stevie Ray Vaughn