A Message From Your Chief Organizer Guy Re: Classic Rock Night II

Thank you so much for coming out to Saturday night's event. Its success surpassed our wildest expectations. We had to add a table. And then another. And then another. And then scramble for chairs and more chairs and more chairs. You kept coming. It was truly wonderful; sincerely an amazing sight.

There was, however, a glitch to the event's success - the food. Here's what happened. We had to tell the Lakefront Restaurant AND Bar (they're both, as you now know) on Tuesday morning how many tickets we had sold so that they could order and prepare the food. At that time, we were at approximately 60 tickets sold. Based upon that number, we told the Lakefront to make 100 dinners. That covered the 60 people and gave us a cushion. We had around 100 people at last year's show, so it almost seemed like an excessive amount of grub.

We did not expect to have 180 people come to the show.

On Saturday afternoon, I called the Lakefront and asked for more food. It looked like our numbers had grown to 125. All we could get was another dish of chicken and a couple more dishes of pasta. Fine. We should be good.

But you kept coming! (That's a good thing, by the way!)

As soon as we saw that the food was going quickly on Saturday, I ran across to the Lakefront. By now, it was 6:15 and they were going through their busiest time of day on their busiest night of the week. They didn't have the manpower to get us any more food, much less cut the chicken into smaller pieces.

I ran to Gencarelli's. They were nearly maxed out for food too. They said they could give us some pasta and chicken parm, but it would take 45 minutes.

I ran back to the Clubhouse and explained all to Cindy Saypol, who was inexplicably receiving an earful from a few people who forgot that this was a charity event. That attitude, by the few nasties, was uncalled for. You should apologize to this wonderful woman who spent hours and hours and hours working to make this event a good one so money could be raised for those in and around Wayne who have much, much less than us (food, health, etc.). Ruby Cheryl Rubertone Stanfield joined me and we went back to Gencarelli's. They just couldn't give us more than another tray of chicken parm. "Dagnabbit!" we both said, but with more force. We also ordered another 5 pizzas.

We trudged quickly back to the Clubhouse. It was after 6:30 now. I explained on the mic from the stage what was going on - there were so many of you, thank you for coming, this was going to be a great night and sorry but more food was coming. One of the nasties yelled at me that we were wrong to advertise a certain kind of food that we couldn't provide.

I personally apologize to everyone who didn't get the type of food they'd expected and that we'd said would be there. We honestly did not expect so many people to attend the event and we thank you for coming out. We deeply appreciate the fact that you put on nice clothes, got in your cars, invited friends, drove how ever far you drove, parked in the cold and made your way into our big living room for this one night (oh, and you also paid $35 to $40 per ticket - we understand that ain't chump change).

An apology also needs to go out to those who DID order their tickets in advance and should have had access to food first.

We did learn from this event, so don't consider this a hollow apology. In future YouChoose events, we will make it clear again on our website and elsewhere what the food choice(s) will be. We will also state that if you don't order your tickets by a certain date, we will guarantee that you will eat but won't guarantee what you will eat. If you're expecting chicken francese and it's gone, you'll still get to eat, but it may be pizza or a sub or whatever else we can get at the spur of the moment. We'll still make your bellies warm and full, just with different ingredients.

Please accept my apology. From the words that were spoken to me and the band and Cindy after the show, it seemed the vast majority of you had a great time. We always strive for a full majority, meaning 100%, to have a great time. We'll keep striving.

Please don't give up on us. We'll keep getting better and making the experience awesomer if you keep supporting the charities we're volunteering our time for. (You know we, the band, get ZERO money for the time, effort, and skill you hear at our events, right? And liike you, we're buying tickets and song requests, so we're putting on the show and we're also customers. We literally feel your frustration too.)

Come out to CUMAC Beatles NIght II in Whippany on April 23rd and you'll see how we can make things right. And it already looks like we'll be doing some sort of Classic Rock Night III with the Rotary of Wayne next January. Start your party planning now!

Thank you!
Dave Philp, Drummer and Chief Organizer Guy