Tree Tavern Pizza - You'll Be Hungry Like The Wolf

Tree Tavern Pizza - You'll Be Hungry Like The Wolf
Dear Tree Tavern: You complete me.

Since I was a wee lad growing up on the hardened suburban streets of Madison, New Jersey, I (the "I" here is YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp) have been eating Tree Tavern Pizza.  I drizzled olive oil and dropped pepperoni slices on it, then threw it in the oven at 425 degrees for 12 minutes.  Sometimes I ate it plain.  I went to France in 1985 to visit my brother and ate a pizza there baked with an egg on top.  First thing I did when I came home - true story - was bake an egg on my Tree Tavern Pizza. Yum.

What a coincidence it was just about three years ago to see that Tree Tavern Pizza was (and still is) owned by a guy named Mike Ryan and his company Provision Foods.  Well, that wasn't the coincidence.  The true coincidence was I lived in Wanaque, NJ for three years in the 1990s with my lovely wife.  Oh, she's great.  Anyway, I found out Mike and Provision Foods were based in Wanaque - about four blocks away from where I'd lived (with my great wife).  I'd had no idea.

Mike Ryan, unlike another pizza honcho in the news these days, is not running for president.  Sure, you know his friends are pushing him hard to mount a campaign.  But Mike would rather work with his brand and make sure people like me, and my great wife, and you know that Tree Tavern Pizza is probably the best regional frozen pizza on the market.  It's not a national brand - you need loads and loads of money and investors and things that would dilute Tree Tavern Pizza from what it is today.  What is it?  It's a single slot frozen pizza.  There aren't 57 varieties.  There's the plain Tree Tavern Pizza, in its somewhat plain box.  No eight-cheese flavor.  No bacon, mushroom and avocado slices flavor.  No whole wheat, gluten free, meat lovers variety.  Instead, you know what Mike has done?  He's given you the control.  YouChoose what you want to do with your Tree Tavern Pizza.  Why should he limit your creativity.  Funny thing - the Tree Tavern Pizza brand fits perfectly with the YouChoose brand.  Rock on, Mike!

Mike Ryan and Tree Tavern Pizza have been sponsors of YouChoose events from the beginning.  What has Tree Tavern Pizza, which tastes great, received as a sponsor?  This article, for example, which helps their SEO when people look up frozen pizza or Tree Tavern frozen pizza on your worldwide web.

But wait, there's more!

We interviewed Mike and got it up onto YouTube.  Hey, we can do that for you too!

We'd love for you to look at the video at the bottom of this page.  At a recent CUMAC (pronounced Koo-Mac) fundraising dinner (CUMAC is the biggest food bank in Passaic County), Tree Tavern Pizza was a major sponsor.  I (your Chief Organizer Guy) was able to give to a capacity crowd of 200 people (sure, we know 10,000 would've been cooler, but you start small and build) the Tree Tavern Pizza treatment.  They got to interact with the brand, laugh, meet Mike Ryan, and hear about a great contest we put on with Mike the following April at a CUMAC '80s Night event YouChoose ran.  Your YouChoose Band performed Duran Duran's "Hungry Like The Wolf" while three people raced to see who could eat the most Tree Tavern Pizza before the song ended.  The winner received a year's supply of Tree Tavern.  As mentioned earlier, Yum.

The fella in the blue shirt, with the sunglasses hanging down, won.  You know who was psyched?  His father.  Apparently, the kid's dad was a huge Tree Tavern Pizza fan.  That worked out, huh?

Tree Tavern Pizza also sponsored our very first Air Guitar contest, put on at Will Rock 4 Food '80s Night in November, 2012.  See how they became part of the show in the video below.

We hope you are convinced that Tree Tavern is your best opportunity to have an excellent lunch this weekend.  Or maybe a healthy, albeit yummy, quick dinner tonight or next week.  Or, I love the word "or," use Tree Tavern Pizza as an hors d' ouvre at your holiday parties.  Your guests will say, "Um, Yum!" and you'll be glad you made them happy.  We're happy that you're happy.  And we're happy that we made Mike happy.  

If you're reading this and you're a potential YouChoose sponsor, imagine if we were writing here and featuring you and your brand in these videos.  Can you get an 6 or 8-minute commercial on the radio or TV that keeps people's attention for the full 8 minutes?  Can a print ad run around a room, perform a song that relates directly to your brand, and get your target audience to scream your brand's name and enjoy themselves in the process?  Have you ever had the chance to sponsor a video which stars a green puppet?

What we do here for Tree Tavern Pizza we can do for you.  What's stopping us?  Contact YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp today at 917-204-1929 or  Let's do for you what we're doing for Tree Tavern Pizza.  Mmkay?

YouChoose On YouTube: CUMAC '80s Night - The Tree Tavern Pizza Eating Contest