I Got To Admit, It's Not Getting Better

We had a great time on April 23rd with CUMAC Beatles Night II.  We raised over $8,000 for CUMAC - NJ's most piovotal food bank - with our 2015/2016 Beatles activities.  That's a lot of families WE ALL helped feed.

You, the human reading this, is part of the WE.  Your YouChoose Band has now helped raise over $66,000 for CUMAC since 2011.  "Helped" is the key word. YOU, the human reading this, also helped.  YOU are a big deal.  Who ever would have thought that an idea birthed out of a depressive state would have turned into something so positive!  Thank you so, so, so much!!!

Look at a couple pics and then we'll pick up the discussion.  Because something's wrong...

We've done a lot for CUMAC, New Jersey's most pivotal food bank, since 2011.  But I, your COG, can sense some complacency across the YouChoose-sphere.  So whatever we do for 2017 will be different.  

We need to keep you on your toes so you care again.  We had 300 people for our first Beatles Night and 150 for the second.  Losing 50% of an audience sucks.  So we have to look inward and outward and Squidward and badwords.  

You're losing interest.  Or we suck as a band.  Or the band is OK but CUMAC and me have to think harder to get more new people to replace those we've lost (the band changes faces a lot, so it makes sense our audience would too).  

We'll get creative.  But we won't go away.  $66,000 is just a start.  Can we hit $100,000 by 2020?  That's $44,000 in 4 years.  Or $11,000 per year.  Hmm.

Time to get to work.