Dr. Rex Ghassemi & Advanced Cardiology Practice: Helping You Love Your Legs Again

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You've got legs, he'll help you to use them

Legs are very important.  You walk with them.  You dance with them.  You kick-box with them.  You run away from pursuers with them.

Once you have legs, you know how to use them.  ZZ Top knew all about this and that's why they sang their famous ditty, "Legs," way back in your 1980s decade.

"Why this obsession with legs?" you ask, full knowing you'll get an answer because we never hide anything here except the money we stole.

Our official response, as per your YouChoose spokesperson, Lavar Bourgeois:

"YouChoose is proud to announce an association with Dr. Rex Ghassemi and Advanced Cardiology Practice, based in Wayne, New Jersey.  Dr. Ghassemi is an official sponsor of CUMAC '80s Night 2.0, taking place on April 2, 2012.  He is also the premier specialist in vein disease within the body of land between your Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  Dr. Ghassemi wants you to know one thing: If you have spider veins, varicose veins, or bulging, rope-like veins on your legs, he can help you love your legs again."

So what is YouChoose doing for the good doctor?  Your YouChoose Band is performing "Legs" at CUMAC '80s Night 2.0, to be held in Chatham, NJ next spring.  The band also performed "Legs" recently at the 14th Annual CUMAC HELP Dinner, a dinner held to raise funds and awareness for Passaic County's largest food bank, going under tremendous stress right now due to the loss of a tenant, a roof in need of major repair, and increased need for their food bank and thrift shop services due to the worst economy since "wireless" meant a radio you'd plug into the wall. 

Watch below as YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp describes with energy and comedy to a packed house at the CUMAC HELP Dinner all about Dr. Ghassemi and what he can do to help you love your legs again.  Then, check out the band perform "Legs" better than your mom could.

A few final words from your YouChoose spokesperson, Lavar Bourgeois:

"Sponsorships are still available for CUMAC '80s Night 2.0.  They are also available for YouChoose events in December, March and June.  If you or your business is interested in breaking through the clutter of traditional media and would like to be on the winning side of a creative, engaging event directly with your potential customers, call Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp at 917-204-1929.  You can also email him at Dave@MyYouChoose.com."

Lavar has a poor sense of humor.  But he gets the job done, so we continue to pay him large amounts of money that we stole.  We do that because if we ever get caught, we can say, "We don't have it.  Lavar does."  And then our pursuers can go after him.

In the meantime, take a look at your legs next time you shower.  If you feel you're out of control, like this:

Then you need to call Dr. Rex Ghassemi.  He's at 973-941-1141.  Tell him Dave, Lavar and all of his friends at CUMAC and YouChoose sent you.  He'll treat you like the king or queen that you are.