We Love Gencarelli's

Gencarelli's Pizza

Our food sponsor for Classic Rock Night III is Gencarelli's, the best pizza retailer in America, starting today.  They are located right near the Clubhouse, where Classic Rock Night III shall be held, at 60 Lake Drive West in scenic Packanack Lake, part of Wayne, NJ.  Go to them.  Love them.  Eat their food.  They're a-gonna give us some great eats at Classic Rock Night Tres.  In fact, every ticket will come with their food, so bring an empty stomach.

You may BYOB at the event, so go ahead and enjoy the 21 & over beverages.

"Hey!" you bellow, thinking of pizza and beer.  "What songs are you doing for Gencarelli's?"

Why, my friend, we are a-gonna play a perfect album side by the Eagles.  Which one?  Ahh, we shan't tell you that.  You'll have to come and hear for yourself.

Classic Rock Night III will rock you to death on Saturday, January 28th in 2017.  See the poster below for details!  Buy tickets now right HERE.