Seela's Paint & Wallpaper - Use 'Em!

Seela's Paint & Wallpaper

Seela's Paint & Wallpaper is now a sponsor of Classic Rock Night III.  Bob Seela, the man behind the store, is the king of pain and the duke of wallpaper.  He knows his stuff, much more than you, so only God knows why you aren't there now.  Please, visit this man and his store and make your home or office or cardboard box more beautiful than every before!

You can get to Seela's at 1164 Hamburg Turnpike in Wayne, NJ.  Ask for Bobby!

"Hey!" you bellow, thinking of what color to paint your toilet seat.  "What songs are you doing for Seela's?"

Why, my friend, we are a-gonna play two songs related to colors that will astound you.  We won't tell you the exact songs because we don't want to let the cat out of the bag.  Seriously.  It scratches and nobody should bleed because of Classic Rock.  Just go to the show and you'll be happy.

Classic Rock Night III will rock you to death on Saturday, January 28th in 2017.  See the poster below for details!  Buy tickets now right HERE.