You YouChoose Song Of The Day: Angry Eyes

Big shout out to Ken Toumey, good friend to YouChoose and also Superstar Telecom Consultant for Schooley Mitchell.   Ken used every ounce of his telecommunications skill to choose some Loggins & Messina for today's YouChoose Song of the Day. 

Rather than throw out the typical "Your Mama Don't Dance," we turned left and headed straight into traffic with "Angry Eyes."  If you don't know the song, give it a listen.  It rocks.  It's got some funk.  There's a dash of Crosby, Still & Nash influence.  And, oh yeah, a wee bit of rock n roll flute.  Just like Ken Toumey, "Angry Eyes" can make your day a little bit easier.

What song is it you wanna hear?  YouChoose, then let us know.  We're here for you, after all.



David!!! You amaze me! Thanks for the post and the song. I am a huge L&M fan. They were the headliner of my first concert EVER! January 1973...with Jim Croce opening for them at Fairfield University in Fairfield CT. Croce died later that year in September. A terrible loss. I requested "Your Mama...." because I thought you wanted pop hits, but I MUCH PREFER the choice of Angry that tune. You hit a nine with that one. You can get to a 10 with the live version of "VAHEVALA" from the On Stage album. In the meantime all the best to you and thank you. You brought a big wide 70s smile to my Saturday morning!

That evening, I went to see Poison in concert.  How are they related to Loggins & Messina?  They had a big hit in the late'80s with "Your Mama Don't Dance."  They performed it at the PNC Arts Center and the place went bonkers.  Glad you suggested L&M.  Any time you'd like to request a song of the day, just do it.