Your YouChoose Virtual Mall

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Get a haircut and feed the hungry!

By a show of hands, who likes to go to the mall?  Yes, many of you do.  Who likes music?  Hmm.  That's a lot.  Who ever went to one of those mall shows where Tiffany or some up-and-coming teen act played and everyone screamed and got alll excited and peed on themselves?  Some of you.  That must've been some experience.  Guess what?  YouChoose is bringing the mall/music experience to you (you supply the pee).  It's called The YouChoose Virtual Mall.  Check it out!

It's a simple idea.  At select YouChoose events, you will see signs just like the ones here in this article.  You'll grab your smartphone and scan either the QR Code or MS Tag.  Then, after  you enter your email address and name, you'll receive a message back to your phone with a great offer (saving you $$$) that you can redeem at the respective retailer on the sign.

Make sense?

You simply point, scan, enter and receive.

What can you save at a YouChoose Virtual Mall?  Here's what our CUMAC '80s Night 2.0 Virtual Mall participants are offering:

  • Public Image Ltd - The Salon: PIL just opened up an old-skool barber shop called Xtreme Cuts within their main salon.  When you scan the Virtual Mall sign, you'll see Xtreme Cuts is going to set aside $1 to CUMAC every time someone who scanned the sign goes in for a haircut.  Just show the message on the phone, get your hair cut, and they'll set aside that greenback.  The promotion runs from January 1-April 1, 2012.
  • Handyman Matters - Fix your house and save some bucks: "Handyman Matters supports CUMAC.  Call (973) 343-6065 for an estimate, show us this message and receive $50 off any job.”
  • Tree Tavern Pizza -  Save money on a ticket: "Tree Tavern Pizza supports CUMAC. Show this message when purchasing your CUMAC '80s Night 2.0 ticket and receive 25% off the admission price!  ("
  • The Paper Store & More - Save big money on paper: "The Paper Store and more... supports CUMAC.  Show this message at any of our 3 locations and receive 20% off your first order."
  • Dr. Rex Ghassemi & Advanced Cardiology Practice -  Get offered a free consultation: "Dr. Rex Ghassemi's Advanced Cardiology Practice supports CUMAC.  If you're embarrassed to put on that bathing suit or running shorts, then call Dr. Rex Ghassemi at Advanced Cardiology Practice in Wayne for a complementary consultation. Let him help you love your legs again.  973-942-1141."

You'll see these YouChoose Virtual Mall boards at various YouChoose events, like our March 10th Dog Day '80s Night event to raise money for Noah's Ark and Eleventh Hour Rescue.  You'll see them at the CUMAC '80s Night 2.0 event in April.  And, you'll probably see them in some sponsor locations to help raise awareness and save you money.

If you want to save and can't find the board, reach out to YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp and he'll be happy to set you up with some savings.

If you are interested in sponsoring an amazing YouChoose event and think the Virtual Mall is awesome, give Dave a call at 917-204-1929 and you can talk about how you can be part of the next Virtual Mall.

Big thanks to Joe Yutsus and Steve Korinis, the creators of this Virtual Mall concept.  Interested in how they put one together for a whole town?  Click HERE and then go to Denville, NJ.  Visit each participating retailer and save!