Scott Roberts - Golden Throat

Scott Roberts was born in Summit, NJ on Halloween in 1966. Scott moved to Madison, NJ in the 4th grade and remained in Madison through High School. Scott took to singing in the days of WABC AM Radio, learning and singing all of the pop & disco hits of the day. He soon abandoned the AM side of the dial for FM Rock stations like WPLJ & WNEW. He learned dozens of classic rock song lyrics verbatim. He sang his little heart out, but was always confined to doing so in the car, on family trips, or in the isolation of his room.
Somewhere around 6th grade, Scott & Mr. David Philp hit it off and became friends. Things progressed as normal, and in Freshman year of High School, Scott got sick of singing in solitude, so he tried out for a start up band comprised of a few classmates. The band was called The Achromatics. Apparently Scott did OK, and he sang with the Achros for several months. They did the keg party circuit and such. Scott came to find out later that the Achromatics lead guitarist, Bob DeMaio, was two timing the Achros & was also playing for a band called 24 West. (What does that make Bob?). And it just so happened that Dave Philp was the drummer for 24 West. Well, 24 West soon lured Scott away from the Achros with dreamy promises of fame & prosperity. Scott sang with 24 West through most of his 4 years at MHS. The prosperity didn't necessarily materialize as a result, but 24 West did achieve a moderate degree of fame and success from 1982-1986. That was the pinnacle of Scott's singing career.
After High School, he joined the US Air Force and served as an In-Flight Refueler for 4 years of Active Duty in Indiana. He served several more years in the Reserves while he attended Purdue U. Between Active Duty & the Reserves, Scott was in 6 different Flying Squadrons & was qualified to refuel from the KC-135 & later the KC-10 aircraft. In the 8 years of Scott playing military, he air-refueled combat aircraft in the First Gulf War, & he was aloft for the record duration of 23 hours in Operation Just Cause (the Panama invasion to the non-versed). He did temporary duty assignments in over 20 different countries around the globe, & he managed to not get arrested or detained in any of them :-)
Scott came back to full civilian life in NJ in 1995. He has been working for Kraft Foods in Logistics since 1996, & has since worked his way up to being the National Production Planning Mgr for all of Kraft Beverage's Crystal Light, Kool-Aid & Tang product that is sold in the US. He has been happily married since 1997 and has 2 beautiful kids ages 6 & 8. Scott has resided with his family in Paramus, NJ since 1997 as well. His singing is still confined to the car, or a secluded room in the house, but he is very excited to be unleashed once again at CUMAC '80s Night 2011.


Lol.....People would drive by our home in Logansport, Indiana when Scott would sing his heart out in front of our garage. People thought we had a rock singer at out home.
Great to see you Flaps!