Jill Shuler - The Voice

Jill Shuler.  She's a singer.  She's a storyteller.  She's the kind of person who you'd ask to stand up in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner and recite musically "Mystery Achievement" by your Pretenders band.  Or maybe you'd want to ring her up on the phone and ask her to jam out vocally to Blondie's "Call Me."  The bottom line: Jill Shuler takes no prisoners when it comes time to sing.  We really need a girl like her in combat.  Combat Rock!

Jill wants you to know everything you can about her.  She wants you to feel comfortable so that when she is singing, you are safe.  She is your angel and you are her flock.  Listen and become bewildered within the wilderness of your soul.  Then come watch the band play.  It'd really make her happy.

The Jill Shuler White Paper

Name: Jill Shuler

Main instrument: Vocals

Current home town: Caldwell, NJ

Day job: Executive assistant

How long been playing: 20 years

Favorite style(s) of music: jazz, soul, r&b, blues, gospel

Schooling: Hunter College

Bands/groups of note: St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery gospel/blues choir; Jeannine Otis; Vince Villanueva; Blue Number Nine; the Skillet Lickers

Desert Island Disc: David Bowie's Station To Station