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MyYouChoose.com sponsorships
A Sea Of Hands Awaits You!

A YouChoose Decade Night raises money for good causes.  And it does more.  It's an inexpensive night out for the entire family.  It's a targeted event, reaching music fans attracted to a certain era of music.  In addition, a YouChoose Decade Night helps sponsors raise their reach potential customers in innovative ways.

The main question a hearty soul like yourself is asking right now: Is it even worth talking to YouChoose about a potential sponsorship?  Well, if you are:

  • Concerned your company's brand's recognition level isn't as high as you hoped it would be
  • Worried your competition is encroaching on your turf
  • Frustrated that you're not reaching your target customers efficiently
  • Struggling to find a way to get your message out in a creative and effective way

Then maybe a YouChoose Decade Night event makes sense for you.

What Do You Get?

All sponsors of a YouChoose event receive the following:

  • Logo on MyYouChoose.com (that's where you are right now!) with click-thru to your website
  • Mentions with links on Facebook's MyYouChoose page
  • Mentions with links on Twitter's @MyYouChoose
  • Dedicated blog posts with links to your website

"For goodness sake, what's with all the links?" you ask, scratching your chin and reaching for an Advil (note: Advil did not sponsor that mention).  The Answer: The more links into your site from other sites, the higher your search engine results on Google and Yahoo and Bing.  We're not saying that all the links from MyYouChoose.com, Facebook and Twitter and going to make you #1, but they're definitely going to help.  When was the last time you went to the phone book to look something up?  Chances are pretty strong that 9 times out of 10, you go to the web.  Let us help you become one of the tops dawgs on that first search page.

In addition, should an event be filmed, your sponsorship may entitle you to a logo presence on the YouTube videos.  See below for an example:


The stuff above is checklist kind of stuff.  It's not crazy innovative.  It can help and be effective, definitely, but what else can we do for you?  Here's what: We can integrate you into the event buildup...

 ...and even into the event itself.  Two examples.  The first one.  This is cool.  We're very proud of what we did here.  We approached Public Image Ltd - The Salon (PIL) in Wayne, New Jersey about becoming one of our sponsors for CUMAC '80s Night, a fundraiser for a Paterson-area foodbank on April 2, 2011.  We suggested they come to the event and perform, on the spot, ten 1980s-style hair & makeup makeovers.  We'd sell the ten "slots" to people for $50 each and hopefully raise $500 from that sponsorship.  After a very slow start (people are chicken, let's face it), the idea really took off.  Jeff Campbell, a pastor from the United Methodist Church in Wayne put on his Facebook page that he'd get a mohawk at the event if his congregation raised $1,000.  Three days later, we had the thousand dollars.  PIL even put together their own video that they emailed to all of their customers.  Take a look, and that guy with the mohawk is the aforementioned Pastor Jeff Campbell.

Other people got in on the game.  One person raised $150 from friends to get her makeover.  Another person enlisted a friend and they both got them.  And remember that pastor guy, Jeff?  His wife volunteered to get an '80s-style makeup and makeover too.  Here's what happened and how PIL got even more integration into the event buildup:

Public Image Ltd. came into the sponsorship as a true partner.  They even provided gift baskets that were given away onstage to music trivia contest winners.  Each time a basket was given away, the crowd of 300 was fully aware who'd supplied the gift baskets and who'd made so many people look like they'd just taken a time machine trip to 1986.

Another simpler version of sponsorship integration is sponsoring a song.  For CUMAC '80s Night, Handyman Matters of Denville received all of the important, Google-juiced laundry list of items above AND sponsorship of John Cougar Mellencamp's "Pink Houses."  Unfortunately, the video below cuts out the Handyman Matters introduction.  But believe us, it was from the heart and was focused on brand building.  What you'll also see is, in the video clip, Handyman Matters is the only sponsor logo visible.  Take a looksee:

Other Options & Ideas

There's more that we can offer.  How about we create a customized YouTube video for you and your brand (expect YouTube quality, like the videos above).  We can build a custom YouChoose Decade Night webinar that includes you as a sponsor.  Anything else?  Sure.  How about this: Whatever you want.  You want your best customers to sit on the stage for your sponsored song?  Done.  You want to have a kiosk at the YouChoose event in which you are a sponsor?  Done.  You want to introduce a song on stage or sing a song on stage or play zither with the band on stage?  Done. 

YouChoose Decade Night events are driven by the words Fun and Charity.  People are there for two reasons: To have one heckuva time and to support a cause, quite possibly in that order.  You can become part of something special, something bigger than all of us.  Your sponsorship is limited only by the limits of our own creativity.  If you've ever wanted to try something for your business that you thought was a really cool idea, maybe a YouChoose Decade Night is the place to test drive that idea.  We're open for business, just like you.  Let's see how we can aid some great causes, help your business & brand break through the advertising & marketing clutter, and have an awesome time. 

Contact: David Philp

Chief Organizer Guy