Big Time Sponsorship Testimonials

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Genie Weisz likes us - You will too!

So, you're considering sponsoring a YouChoose event but unsure if it's really for you.  "Oh, is it like everything else?" you say.  "Will I get lost in the crowd?"  The answer is No to both questions.  Here's what some previous sponsors have said, on camera and in writing.

Mike Ryan, two-time YouChoose sponsor and owner, Tree Tavern Pizza: "Thanks, Dave.  You did a great job."

Genie Weisz, co-owner, The Paper Store & More, felt so strongly about her sponsorship, she went on camera AND wrote a thank you note to us.  "I am writing to thank you for a GREAT time last night!  What a lovely program for a great organization and your input was the 'cherry on top!'  Thanks for the support of The Paper Store & More...above and beyond the journal."  

Gerry Wyhopen, owner, ION U Investigations and Security: "The idea is a killer.  What a great way to market."