The Awesome Three-Event Sponsorship

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Sponsors are part of the show!

YouChoose is about to embark on its biggest effort to date, promoting three major events taking place March 10 (Whippany), April 21 (Chatham) and June 16 (Whippany).  The first two events are '80s Nights and the third is a '70s Night featuring the 70-piece Hanover Wind Symphony.  Total expected, combined attendance is 1,300 people.  For sponsors, this is a truly unique way to make a major impact in Morris County directly to three large groups of people.  You may never look at marketing the same way again.

We are looking for three sponsors willing to support the fundraising efforts of these three events.  Money will be raised for:

1.  March 10: Noah's Ark Animal Welfare, Inc. & Eleventh Hour Rescue

2.  April 21: CUMAC (pronounced Koo-mack)

3.  June 16: The Hanover Wind Symphony & NJ Special Olympics

Our combined net fundraising goal for these three events is $60,000.  Can we do it?  It's not a matter of can we do it - it's a matter of how we will do it.  We're going to take three sponsors along for a great ride.  Here's what each sponsor will receive as a Three-Event YouChoose Sponsor:

  • 4 tickets to each event ($180 value)
  • 4 dinners at each event ($48 value)
  • 4 t-shirts commemorating each event (including your logo) ($228 value)
  • 3 songs - 1 per event directly related to your business ($226 value; or million$ - see below for explanation)
  • 3 email blasts - 1 per event that features your business
  • 3 YouChoose On YouTube features - (1) 2-minute video per event featuring unique qualities of you and your business
  • The Total Event Integration Package: This includes incorporating your song, you and your staff into each event and onto the stage; display space for your business at each event; your sign/banner posted in a prime, visible location; the audience shouting out your name & business name multiple times during the event; flyer inclusion
  • Tweets, Facebook postings and Blog posts all about YOU!
How Much?
The way to become happily involved with these three YouChoose events starts at $4,500 (buying them one at a time is $2,000 each - you're saving $500 per event by jumping on board from the beginning).  You can break up the payments per event: $1,500 due March 9th, $1,500 due April 20th, $1,500 due June 15th.  You can easily pay by credit card by clicking on the buttons below.
In the donation box, type in the amount.  Done.  We thank you for your support.  
But wait...
Is It Worth It?
You mean is it worth sponsoring three YouChoose events?  Heck, yeah.  Here's how we'll help you, how you'll directly benefit: 
  • Stronger SEO: We'll raise your SEO, especially if your web presence isn't as strong as you'd like it.  Case in point, Tree Tavern Pizza.  They have sponsored three events for YouChoose.  Recently, a Tree Tavern Pizza fan reached out to YouChoose and wanted to know where to get the pizza.  We asked why she came to us.  Here's the person's response: 
"I googled Tree Tavern Pizza and it gave me this website:
Thanks for your help,"
Yes, that website is a YouChoose website.  Click on it and scroll down.  Want to see an 8-minute live event "commercial" for Tree Tavern Pizza?  Even if you don't, imagine if that was your business.  Cool, huh? 
  • Audience Awareness: Awareness among event attendees will beat any ratings score possible.  We guarantee that.  We suggest you do this:  As people leave the first or second or third event, ask them who the lead sponsor (you) was for the event.  We guarantee that 9 out of 10 people you ask over the age of 12 will give you the answer you're looking for.  Can traditional advertising do that for your business?  Using easy math, let's say 1,000 people attend the three events (combined).  Does 900 potential new customers matter to you?  How much revenue would your business gain if 10% of those 900 used you?  If 5% came into your store or used your service?  But don't let us sell you on the awareness factor.  Watch what sponsor Ken Toumey, of Schooley Mitchell Telecom, says.

  • Interaction & Integration:  Find another way to reach people the same way you can via a YouChoose event.  Other mass media are awesome and great and we can't live without them.  They have their places.  But - and this is not a knock on them - they are passive.  We see an ad in the paper.  It's there, among a page full of other ads.  We hear an ad on the radio.  Yes, it's exclusive for 60-seconds, but it's also passive.  You sit and listen - if it's good enough to capture your attention.  Same with TV.  If you don't skip the commercial with the FF button on your DVR, it's still just there.  Talking to you.  You're not interacting with it at all.  With each YouChoose event, you own the song we'll match up to your business.  You'll own the introduction.  You'll own the audience screaming your personal and company name.  You'll own the handshakes and hugs we force upon you.  You'll possibly be embarrassed with the attention you will receive.  That's good.  Because you'll be remembered positively for it.  Isn't that the purpose of marketing?
  • The Power of Song  You know how much it would cost for you to license the song "Rock & Roll" by Led Zeppelin?  Start at $1 million and work your way up.  Here, we're calculating the right song within the right decade that matches up with your business.  And it won't cost you millions.  Here's a way to use the emotional power of music to reflect the strength of your business without needing wads of cash and a team of lawyers.  You can't do that anywhere else.  
  • The Goodwill:  Oh yeah, among all of these great factors, we are leaving out your support of some great New Jersey non-profits.  You're marketing your business in a new, exciting, effective and multi-platform way while also helping your world.  Here's something worth bragging about.  You're helping save the lives of dogs and cats.  Directly.  You're helping feed families who can't afford to feed themselves.  Directly.  You're helping children appreciate the arts while reinforcing the beauty of music to their parents.  Directly.  And you're making it easier for people with disabilities to feel better about themselves.  Directly.  We aren't being facetious when we say, Congratulations.  You're making the right decision with YouChoose.
  • The Guarantee  To top it all off, we will put your money where our mouths are.  (Does that sound weird?  Sorry.)  We will guarantee that everything we're writing about above will happen for you, from the Stronger SEO to the Audience Awareness to the Interaction & Integration to the Power of Song to directly receiving the Goodwill from helping others.  If you leave any of these 3 events thinking you didn't get out of it what you expected, then tell us what it was worth to you.  We'll write a check out to you for the difference.  If you think that, once CUMAC '80s Night 2.0 is over, your $1,200 was squandered and the event was worth no more than $500, then we'll reimburse you the $700 difference.  It's that simple.  Can you get a guarantee like this anywhere else?
There you go.  Add all of this up.  We're asking for $4,500 while including almost $700 worth of incentives, from tickets to dinners to merchandise.  Plus, we're giving you The Guarantee.  Does this sound like an interesting opportunity?  We hope you agree it is.  Let's talk.
Dave Philp, YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy