YouChoose: The Mission We've Chosen To Accept - Part 1: The Band

Jerry MaGuire at
The mission has begun

What's the point of YouChoose?  We do have one.  Do you know what a mission statement is?  You probably have a pretty good idea.  The best way to describe one is shown in the  1996 film Jerry MaGuire (written and directed by the awesome Cameron Crowe).  For whatever reason, this film changed my life.  Just like we hope YouChoose will do for others now and in the future.

Maybe it was because I was at a professional crossorads that ...MaGuire mattered so much to me.  I'd recently been turned down for a promotion I burned for by the company I loved and worked for.  Professional Life Lesson #1 - Watch what you fall in love with.  If it ain't human, it can't love you back.  I was vulnerable and open to new ideas.  Tom Cruise was different in the movie.  He wasn't a superhero-type guy.  He was regular.  He failed.  He made mistakes.  He was confused.  He was just like me.  Check out the clip before I go on:

In Jerry MaGuire,  Tom Cruise has a breakthrough - or, as he questions himself, was it a "breakdown?"  No, it was a breakthrough.  He has an epiphany.  He knows now who he is and what he wants.  Making it all work out is the hard part.

Which brings us to YouChoose.  What are we about?  What's our purpose?  What's our mission?  Who cares?  

Right now, some people care.  Admittedly, it's not a whole LOT of people, but that doesn't matter.  Probably the people who care the most are the people in the band.  It's not a tiny band.  It's not just me - no way.  That's no fun for anybody.  It's not just me and my sidekick.  The cool part about our band is its size.  The core includes 4 electric guitarists, 1 acoustic guitar guy who's a Methodist church pastor and has been taking stabs at playing an electric lately, 2 keyboardists, 1 bass player, between 5-7 singers...  Oh, and 2 drummers.  How many is that?  On the high side, it's 17.  That's a big band.  Add in the occasional 3-person horn section and we could literally have 20 people on stage at one time playing one of YOUR requests.  

None of these great friends/musicians need to do this.  But they choose to anyway.  If you can get 20 people to be a part of something you started on your own, you better make them happy.  Let's try and put together a mission statement just for the band.

Your YouChoose Band Mission Statement

Your YouChoose band is YOURS.  We belong to the people who come to watch us play.  We belong to the people who make requests and choose to sing/play with us.  We belong to each other (is that a lame Pat Benatar lyric?  Sorry.  Let's move on.).  The mission of Your YouChoose Band is to put music and people in front of ego.  We aren't divas.  If we were that good, you'd see us winning Grammies.  We're regular people.  The moment we begin to think we're better than the audience, we lose.  We can't lose.  We are like a team; we can even say "family" if we want.  We ARE a unit.  We are a band.  Whether there are 5 of us on stage or 20, we are there for specific reasons: to bring music to people, to help fulfill fantasies of those who request songs and choose to sing with the band, to raise money for great causes, to make each other feel good, to individually feel like we each have a purpose and can truly "give back" to the community and to those who can benefit from our talents.  We are there because we want to be there.  We try to bring the best out of each song so the audience comes back time and again.  We like to bring joy to the audiences, to our kids, to our friends, to others in the band, and to ourselves.  We pick each other up.  We have fun.  We feel no pressure to continue if we aren't having fun.  We invite others to listen and give it a try.  We embrace those who support us.  We use the word "we" all the time in our mission statements.  We do this because we can.

Do you agree?  Think this is dumb?  Think its right on target?  Think it's missing anything?  If you're in the band and reading this, pass along your suggestions.  If you're early to the YouChoose party and tripped into this, what are your thoughts?  We want to be great.  This is one way of getting there.

Now check out the mission statement of Holstee, a Brooklyn-based company which sells eco-friendly clothing and accessories.  Want to read an awesome mission statement?  This is maybe the best one ever.  What do you think?


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