Kurt Zimmerman - The Horn's Dylan

Kurt Zimmerman at MyYouChoose.com
A motorcycle man, just like Bob Dylan.

You may know this already.  In case you don't, Bob Dylan's real name/original name/birth name isn't Bob Dylan.  It's Robert Zimmerman.  And the former Mr. Zimmerman changed the music world with his lyrics, his style, his willingness to be different.  Your YouChoose Band has its own Dylan.  His name is Kurt Zimmerman.  And he plays trumpet.  If you want, you can call him Kurt Dylan.  Or just Dylan.  He won't answer to it.  He may smile just the same.

"Well," you start to say before finishing, "what does your 'Dylan' do?"

Oh, let us tell you.  He changes the world.  Or at least, our Dylan - Kurt Zimmernan - has changed our world.  As a member of The Hanover Horns, Kurt, Christian Orrico and Russell Ford have flipped your YouChoose Band from being a typical, neighborhood cover band to becoming superheroes in the world of effective charitable fundraising.  "What on Earth does that mean?" you question, scratching your armpit because you haven't bathed in up to 4 hours.  It means our Dylan, and The Hanover Horns, have made us not just be a better band, but want to be a better band.

Enough about us.  What about Kurt?  Here's some special biographical information on the child:

Name: Kurt Zimmerman
Main instrument: Trumpet
Secondary instruments: Any (not well anymore, though)
Current home town: Rockaway Township, NJ
Day job: Director of Bands, Westwood Middle School
How long been playing: 36 years
Favorite style(s) of music: Classical, Classic Rock, Showtunes, Crooners, Film Soundtracks, Any
Schooling: "Bill on the Hill" William Paterson University
Bands/groups of note? Hanover Wind Symphony, HULEX (Huey Lewis and Chicago tribute band)

As of this writing, Kurt and his fine wife, Danielle, are expecting their first child in the summer of '12.  Kurt Dylan (Don't you think a cool stage name would be Kurtis Dylan?  We do.) is also a HUGE (he said to put in the caps) Yankees fan (ed. note: Let's go Mets!), a motorcyclist, and member of the NRA.

Look at the video below as Kurtis Dylan (your very own Kurt Zimmerman) and The Hanover Horns rock your world to little pieces with "Our House" by Madness.

YouChoose On YouTube: "Our House" By Madness (For Handyman Matters)