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It is so easy to get in contact with the Lords of YouChoose, it's not even funny.  Do you see anyone laughing?  Thought so.  Now let's get serious.  If you are considering writing about YouChoose, or interviewing the dudes in YouChoose, or even thinking about writing or interviewing Los Lobos de YouChoose, then you must, by all means, speak with Geri Rosman of GR*PR.  She is a guru.  No, she doesn't look like the Mahareshi.  In fact, she may not even like spicy food.  But you won't know unless you ask her.  And that conversation will lead you to your ultimate goal, speaking with her about the Boy Wonders of YouChoose.

Now, why did the YouChoosers choose Geri?  We could have gone with just about anyone - George Stephanopoulis, Russell Simmons, Lady Gaga.  But we chose Geri because she has a certain flair, a certain energy, a certain desire to come up with a plan, follow that plan, be honest and trustworthy, and always do what's best for her clients.  We are one of her clients.  And we're tickled pink (which has nothing to do with Pink, who also called and who we rebuffed).

Here's how to get in touch with our Public Relations Guru, Geri Rosman:

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      Email her:

Call her:     908-766-7499

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                 General inquiries:

You can see more information about Geri on her LinkedIn profile HERE.  And to read some testimonials from people who think, not just the world, but the universe of her, click HERE.

So what are you waiting for?  We want to talk to you.  We want you to talk to Geri.  She can hook you up with the inside scoop on all things YouChoose, so pick up that phone and give her a call.  Your job will be made that much easier because of your excellent choice.