Why Sponsor? Get Your Original Commercial Performed Live!

Why Sponsor? Get Your Original Commercial Performed Live!
We also do product placement!

YouChoose builds sponsors into our events, and we have fun doing it.  The great thing about our model (he said, only boasting a little) is that sponsors are integrated into the show in a fashion that is entertaining for the audience and gets the message across.  Here's what we do: We wrote a "live commercial" script for your business, about 1-minute long.  We tie your commercial, through a common story, into the other sponsored commercials from the night.  We act it out on stage and then jump right into a song that matches your business.  Easy.  Fun.  Effective.

Why Sponsor? Get Your Original Commercial Performed Live!

You'll see 5 videos below.  These businesses were each sponsors of Will Rock 4 Food '80s Night, which took place in November, 2012.  

  • Watch the start of each video to see and hear the tone of the commercials we create.  
  • Follow along with the story, which carries over from one commercial to the next (making each commercial "stickier" inside every audience member brain).  
  • See how each commercial leads into a song that relates directly to the sponsored business.  
  • Finally, you probably noticed the sponsor logos on the videos.  Don't forget to read the notes below, which are one more way to optimize the business and help your SEO.
Enough words.  Watch and think about how different this is from your other live event marketing opportunities.  Then contact YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp at 917-204-1929 and say, "Hey, can you do this for me?"  
Here ya go! 

There she goes, 5 commercials, one story.  By the way, if you really want to go nuts, we can do something like this for you:

One more thing we can do - watch the video below.  Short & sweet and entertaining.  And sponsored!  

By the way, did we mention that every YouChoose event is a fundraiser?  We didn't?  Oh.  Sorry.  Every YouChoose event is a fundraiser.  Now, your sponsorship doesn't just help you - it helps a great cause too.  Pretty cool, huh?

YouChoose.  Here to help.

Dave Philp

Chief Organizer Guy, YouChoose, LLC



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